Overcome the fear of failure

When things don’t go as planned, the disappointment of not fulfilling your hopes and expectations may cause you to interpret your effort as a failure.

I am not strong.
I am not fast.
I am too heavy/fat.
I am not talented.
I will never be good enough.
Everyone else is better than me.
This training is not worth it.    

In order to avoid the frustration and sadness that comes from a failed performance/effort (or setback), you may find yourself doubting your ability to improve or to make changes, so you give up.

Letting go of your fear of failure may actually help you reach your goals.

Every day you fill your mind with thoughts and that inner dialogue may falsely recognize your weaknesses. Ultimately, when you believe in your negative thoughts, you will have reason to give up. With this self-doubt, you may find yourself saying "this is too hard/it's not worth it."  

As an athlete, you can't let fear of failing get in your way.    

Fear of losing or coming in last.
Fear of not meeting time goals.
Fear of doing something for the first time.
Fear of not doing something as good as others.
Fear of social acceptance
Fear of embarrassment.
Fear of making a mistake.
Fear of pain.
Fear of taking smart risks. 
Fear of not meeting your own expectations.
Fear of the effort/work not paying off.
Fear of being judged.  
Fear of not reaching potential.
Fear of being a failure.
Fear of letting others down.
Fear of not being perfect.
Fear of not meeting personal standards/expectations.
Fear of not meeting the standards/expectations of others. 

We all have fears and it’s normal to have a fear of failing. But in life and through your athletic development, you will make mistakes. This is the best way to learn.  

Consider using the following mantras to help you overcome the fear of failure.
Select a mantra (or a few) to use before and during every workout or create your own positive saying to show yourself that your mind is just as strong as your body.    

I am brave.  
I am fearless.  
I feel the fear but I’m doing it anyway.  
I want to learn.
I don't care what other people say/think about me.
I am confident.  
I am determined.  
I will not give up, no matter what.
I will keep working until I succeed.
I accept/embrace the challenge.
I accept obstacles.
I welcome failure, it will make me stronger.  
I will find a way.  
I am highly focused on success.  
I am driven. 
I will be persistent through challenging times.  
I know my mind is just as strong as my body.
I am becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.
I will take action without fear.
I don’t need to be perfect to experience success.
I can overcome anything that comes my way.
I am willing to make the investment to get better.  
I will not let my high expectations stop me from learning/trying.
I will not be hard on myself. 
I am allowed to make mistakes.
I am human.
I will always have fun.
I am turning into a more confident athlete.
I love to inspire others.
I am positive that I will succeed.
I can overcome any failure or setback.  
I do not lack talent or ability.
I know how to stay confident when times are tough.
I know how to stay in the moment.
I gain strength from doing things that are difficult.
I have no expectations, not low expectations.    

Welcome the opportunity to stretch your physical and mental limits as you explore your physical boundaries. When you feel pressure, rise ­up to the challenge. While you shouldn’t go out an intentionally fail by doing something that is not well planned or executed, welcome the obstacles that you need to experience when trying something for the first time. When things don't go as planned, the worst (but best thing) that can happen is that you can learn for the next time.

Above all, when you don't fear failure, you will always have the fulfillment that you tried and you will be more prepared for the next time.