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2017 Trimarni Advanced Greenville Training Camp Recap

The other morning I saw a Furman student with a t-shirt that read "I love you Greenville." I NEED that shirt.

I am so in love with where we live and I just love to show it off. With this being our 4th (and last) camp of 2017, we wanted to make sure that our 14 advanced campers left with a lot of great memories of Greenville, SC.

Knowing that our campers came to Greenville in great physical shape (many of them gearing up for Ironman Chattanooga, IM 70.3 World Championship and IMKona), we wanted to challenge everyone with specific workouts that would require focus, skills, determination and commitment, not to mention the ability to to stretch the comfort zone.

After the conclusion of camp, I received an email from one of our campers/athletes and the last line read "Camp made me realize that I need and can handle more challenges. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not all rainbows and butterflies but it's not always tears and frustration either." 

I really appreciated her thoughts about camp because many athletes avoid the unknown out of fear and worry. Yes, we live in an area that is extremely hilly, which makes for difficult cycling and running routes but in a group environment with two experience coaches, we knew that our campers could handle so much more than what they could accomplish alone. Plus, suffering with others is so much more fun than suffering alone!

Although our campers were fit and prepared to handle many training hours (and feet of elevation gain) over 4.5 days, we still wanted to include education and skill instruction throughout camp. From our experience, athletes can be very fit in a familiar environment or on a treadmill/trainer but when placed outside, in an unfamiliar setting, the skills don't match the fitness and thus athletes feel frustrated that they can't perform to their physical abilities. By seeing our campers in action, we were able to prescribe specific workouts to match the education that we provided them. By the end of camp, our campers had improved skills to match their fitness and they can all return home more confident to handle future challenges and obstacles.

We could not have asked for better weather and the slightly cooler temps certainly helped with workout execution. Our campers did an exceptional job with mastering daily and workout nutrition (pre, during and post) and everyone came with an open mind to learn and to apply new information, in a new setting, with new friends. The attitude around camp was always "can do" and it was amazing to once again, see all of the campers support and work together so that nobody felt excluded or too slow.

Our campers put in a lot of time, energy and miles over 4.5 days. Being able to check out of life for a few days made for quality training with distractions or interruptions. Their only daily pressure was to show up on time and daily responsibilities included eating, training and sleeping. What a great life, even if for just 4.5 days.

We want to give a huge thank you to our Trimarni sponsors who provided swag for our training camp, along with Wendy at the Swamp Rabbit Lodge for providing the perfect location for our campers. And thank you Joey for being the best SAG support!

Xterra Wetsuits - wetsuit bag and hanger
Cheribundi - regular and protein drink
Clif Nutrition - products (bars, gels, hydration)
Infinit Nutrition - Speed sport drink
Hot Shot - product
Boco Gear - Trimarni camp hat
Oobe - Trimarni camp t-shirt
Veronica's Health Crunch - yummy crunch
Mg12 - bath salt, roll on and balm

For those who want the full stats of camp, here you go!
(All distances are approximate and varied from camper to camper depending on the workout. All workouts had a specific set and focus, all with coaches supervision.)

70 min social ride - ~15.5 miles, 970 feet of climbing

90 min AM swim - ~3900 yards
90 min AM track - ~8 miles
2 hour PM ride - ~33 miles, 2100 feet of climbing

4 hour AM ride - ~70 miles, 5100 feet of climbing
35 min AM hill run - ~4.5 miles, 340 feet of climbing
60 min PM swim - ~3100 yards

5.5-6 hour AM ride - ~89 miles, 10,624 feet of climbing
25 min AM brick run - ~3 miles, 100 feet of climbing

Sunday: 1:45 hr AM trail run - ~12-13 miles, 200 feet of climbing
25 min AM open water swim - ~1500 yards


~18 hours of training (in 4.5 days)~8500 yards swimming
~207.5 miles riding
~28.5 miles running~19,934 total elevation gain (bike and run)

Stay tuned....I'll be sharing some pictures from camp in my next blog post.