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Trail Angels podcast interview - talking all things nutrition

A few months ago, I received an email from Vanessa who produces a weekly podcast, Trail Angels for an organization called The Project Athena Foundation. Before emailing back, I went to the website and immediately I responded - YES, I would love to be on your podcast.

I just love connecting with athletes, especially female athletes. It's always a great honor to provide nutrition and training advice in an effort to be of help in the journey of another athlete. And ever since my dad passed away from cancer (May 2014), I have become even more passionate about inspiring other athletes and fitness enthusiasts to pursue athletic dreams and goals and to never ever waste a day of life.

For a little more information about this amazing foundation:

The Project Athena Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit foundation dedicated to helping women survivors of medical or other traumatic setbacks achieve their adventurous dreams.
At Project Athena, we provide travel expenses, coaching, equipment, and most importantly, the encouragement and inspiration needed to help these strong, amazing women make that life-affirming transition from Survivor to Athlete.

“It’s not about trying to get back to what you were,” explains Project Athena Founder and World Champion Adventure Racer, Robyn Benincasa. “It’s about trying to be the best of what you’re capable of today, this minute. The most gratifying thing is the moment when you see someone realize they’re going to make it, when you see the fear disappear and they realize how awesome they truly are!”

We currently offer six yearly adventures that provide mental and physical challenges in a non-competitive environment. The goal is to have something to look forward to, a goal set to accomplish, and surround yourself with like-minded people. At Project Athena, it’s all about teamwork and being a part of the family.

Apply to today to join us as an Athena, if you are a survivor of a medical setback, OR register for an event as a Fundraising God or Goddess to show your support for a great cause!

Trail Angels is a podcast that launched in November of 2016 on Apple  iTunes and Stitcher. This podcast is dedicated to those with an adventurous spirit and an undeniable attitude. No matter what setbacks you have had in your life, you can still be a world class adventurer and Trail Angels will be your guide. Hosts Robyn Benincasa, Amanda Webb and Vanessa Spiller will share with you a unique experience, adventurous story, training tips and so much more. 
For more on my podcast interview: 
On this episode, we are thrilled to interview Marni Sumbal, a board-certified sports dietitian who specializes in fueling endurance athletes. Marni shares her story of becoming a dietitian and a treasure trove of tips for hydration, nutrition, and workouts. You’ll also hear why it’s important to maintain your confidence, and practical ways to do so. Marni’s wisdom isn’t just for endurance athletes–it’s for everyone who wants to improve their performance and take their fitness to the next level.
In the podcast, I discuss the following: 
  • My story of becoming a dietitian.
  • Why it’s important to stick with the basics of nutrition in endurance sports.
  • Why I focus on changing a person’s daily diet first.
  • The importance of making quality nutrition choices.
  • My criteria for nutrition products that she recommends.
  • The biggest challenges for women involved in endurance sports.
  • Tips for staying hydrated both throughout the day and during a workout.
  • The performance fuels that I recommend.
  • Why there is no such thing as a bad training session or a bad workout.
  • My advice for someone preparing for an race or adventure.
I hope you enjoy the podcast. Thank you for listening. 

For the podcast interview: Click HERE