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Now proudly serving Trimarni Coffee

If you have ever traveled abroad, you may have noticed that the coffee culture in Europe is a little different than what we are use to in North America. This picture of an espresso from McDonald's in Austria says it all.....

Although you may find Europeans drinking their coffee on the go, there is a greater purpose to coffee drinking beyond the caffeine-fix.
As a European, it's no wonder that Karel takes his coffee drinking very seriously. Karel knows good coffee from well, not-so-good coffee. Karel wants a small portion of good quality coffee beans to be savored and enjoyed slowly from a small cup.

Karel even got rid of our coffee maker machine as he finds joy in "making" his coffee. Whether it's from his french press, espresso machine or a stovetop percolator, Karel loves his morning cup(s) of coffee.

As I mentioned above, Karel doesn't drink coffee for the caffeine fix. He truly appreciates the flavor, history and story behind the coffee beans, similar to any wine connoisseur.

Since Karel is very particular about his coffee, he knew there was something special about the coffee that he received as a gift (from our assistant coach Joe) a while back from the Abita Roasting Company. I'm pretty sure Karel's immediate response was "oh wow."

When the opportunity came about for Trimarni to have our own custom labeled coffee, roasted and packed by Abita Roasting Company in Abita Springs, LA. Karel couldn't turn it down. Knowing how much Karel loves his coffee and he would never put our business name on something that was not to his standards, I happily agreed.

For the first time ever, we are proud to serve Trimarni coffee.

Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself, we would like to invite you to try out our genuinely great tasting coffee. Enjoy it on the go or better yet, take some time out of your busy day to sit down and savor the full flavors of our selected roasted whole coffee beans. We currently have two amazingly great tasting blends: Grumpy Puppy and Resilient Joe.


Is the process of waking up a very slow and sometimes unpleasant process for you and those around you? If you roll out of bed with morning grumpiness, we'd like to help you add a little something special to your A.M. routine. While we can't promise that you will have as much energy as a puppy, we are confident that you will feel a little less cranky with a cup of Grumpy Puppy. 
  • Uncommon
  • Rich
  • Full.
  • Bold flavor
  • Medium dark roast
  • Net Wt. 12 ounces
  • Whole Bean

RESILIENT JOE - $14.95There's no single factor that contributes to longevity but it is important to develop resilience for life's every day struggles and stressors. One of the most common features among people who live a quality filled life is to live with purpose and to find meaning in the things that occur in your life.As you drink your cup (or two) of Resilient Joe, get after that to-do list with confidence and stay strong as you discover the silver lining in even the worst of circumstances.  

This coffee is named after Marni's 94-year old Grandpa "Joe" who is mentally sharp, physically active, a great story-teller and a lover of a good strong cup of Joe.

  • Yirgacheffe which is widely considered the birthplace of coffee. A stunning Ethiopian bean unlike any other in the world.

  • Floral
  • Sweet
  • Fruity
  • Smooth flavor
  • Medium/Dark roast
  • Net Wt. 12 ounces
  • Whole Bean

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