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Hello from Clermont, Florida!

Before starting our long trip down to Clermont, Florida, Karel and I got in a 3700 swim workout at Furman University to start our Monday morning. To be honest, we both had a lot on our mind so it was a little difficult to stay present but we got it done and both felt good with moving blood and getting our heart pumping before sitting in the car for the rest of the day.

After our swim, we went home to eat breakfast and then it was time to pack up the car. Since I had dropped off the cats at my mom's on Sunday evening, it was time to say 'see ya later' to my little golden nugget.

I dropped off Campy at his grandma's (1 mile away) while Karel was loading up my car and then we were off to Jacksonville, FL around 11:15am. While it's always hard to say good bye to furry child Campy, he is in great hands with my mom who loves him (almost) as much as I do and takes such great care of him. Plus, Campy has a bunch of furry friends in her neighborhood so he doesn't mind his home away from home as he can play with his furry buddies. 

Our first stop was Jacksonville, FL. We arrived around 5:30pm. Although it was a chilly gloomy day, with on and off light rain for our entire drive, we were entertained with triathlon podcasts for our entire drive and we switched off driving half way so that neither of us got too tight while sitting in the car.
We also made frequent stops to stretch our legs.

We stayed overnight with our athlete Joe and his wife Erica and baby son Weston (and doggy Reagan) which was nice to relax before making our way to Clermont on Tuesday.

Erica made us dinner, which was delicious! We had brown rice, curry lentils, roasted veggies and Naan (chicken for the meat eaters). It was so good to have a nice homecooked meal after our travels.
With Karel and I in the car all day, we had to get to some work emails in the evening but by 9:00pm, I was ready for bed.  Karel stayed up a little later to work on some stuff on the computer. 

Before getting too far out of Jax, we stopped at the AMAR European store to stock up on some European eats and treats. Since we spent 6 years living in Jacksonville before moving to Greenville, we are very familiar with the area (although it is expanding/changing every year). The European store is well worth visiting if you well, love European food. Karel found himself yumming over all the food so we stocked up on mineral water, chocolates, breads and so much more. 

When we arrived to Clermont, we checked into our Airbnb, which is located just a few blocks from Waterfront park and less than 1/2 mile from where our campers are staying in a Duplex (team house). It's rare for Karel and I to stay in a hotel when we travel and with so much stuff for camp, we need space and a kitchen. 

Karel and I needed to stretch our legs so we went for a (windy) ride around 3:30pm after we unloaded our car and got situated. 

It was nice to be back in Clermont and to ride on some familiar roads. We also used this ride as an opportunity to scope out the route for our Thursday bike workout for our campers on day 1 of camp. 

After our ride, we quickly cleaned up and headed out to the NTC to pick up our custom Canari Trimarni kits, which had just arrived to the Gear for Multisport store (we had them shipped there - thank you Kim and Kevin!).

After the NTC, we made a stop at Publix for groceries and by 6:30pm, we were back at our rental house, ready to eat dinner.
As for the rest of the evening.....from 7pm until 11pm, we were busy! 

Our kits look AMAZING!! 

Karel did inventory on our kit items and I packed sponsor swag bags. It's a lot of work to put together a camp but it's all worth it when we see our campers in action. 

So much stuff!!


Off to Clermont, Florida for our training camp!

It's crazy to think that in 2014, we held our first ever training camp in Clermont, Florida. 
Now, 4 years later, we are heading back to Clermont for our 4th consecutive Trimarni Clermont training camp.

Every year, we try to make our camp experience better than the last. This year, our campers are in for an amazing 4.5 day training camp experience filled with education, lots of sponsor swag, challenging workouts, learning and stretching the comfort zone. And to make the camp experience even better, we will once again conclude our training camp with a USAT sanctioned Olympic distance event on the last day of camp!
For us as coaches, seeing athletes in action is extremely beneficial as it gives us an opportunity to provide immediate feedback to improve skills and execution. Repetitive feedback to our campers offers the chance to correct previously learned habits and to enforce good habits.

For our campers, training in a group environment provides a fantastic opportunity to do more with the body than what can be done solo as training with other athletes keeps the mind from giving up and forces you to not give up when tired. We believe that a camp training environment shows athletes that they are physically and mentally capable of achieving so much more than what they think they can do alone in their home environment. 

Above all, every athlete, no matter how young, old or busy, deserves the opportunity to check out of life to do something incredible with the body. Certainly, a sport is a hobby and we do this hobby because it is fun, it makes us happy and it provides great life enrichment. Good health should never be taken for granted and a training camp gives the body a unique opportunity to place intentional stress on it for several days, with other like-minded individuals. 

You can follow us along on our Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition Facebook page where we will be posting videos and pictures throughout camp.

Wednesday evening is the official start of the 2017 Trimarni Clermont Training camp so between now and then, we will be getting together the final touches for a smooth and safe camp environment, packing the swag bags, fine-tuning the workouts and getting excited to welcome our 19 campers to Clermont, Florida. 

Our email will be checked throughout camp but we will not be quick to respond as we will be chasing around our athletes all over Clermont for the rest of the week. 


StrideBox Review - A running subscription box company

In early February, I was contacted by StrideBox, which is a running subscription box company that features a workout and recipe in the box from a coach/athlete along with a variety of running products and accessories. Each box also includes The Stride Guide, which describes the products in the box

StrideBox asked me to provide a recipe and workout for the Make It - Food & More and Do It - Time to Sweat cards that are included in the box. Of course, I couldn't turn down this opportunity to offer a workout and recipe to StrideBox subscribers as I love services that provide education and awareness of many different ways for athletes and exercise enthusiasts to train, fuel and eat.

StrideBox has now sent me two free boxes and I wanted to share what was included in each box. I have to say, getting a box in February and March was exciting as I couldn't wait to open up the box and see what was inside. I think this is a great service for those who enjoy trying out new products and accessories but also for those who need that special gift for a like-minded friend/training partner or coach. StrideBox does offer a gift subscription service for one, three or six months, which ranges from $20-$90. The StrideBox monthly subscription is only $15. For more information, you can check out the frequent questions on the website, here.

February Box: 

Buff Bake Protein Cookie
Sprint Energy Natural Energy Gel
Honey Stinger Waffle
Hyper Go After Sport Wipe
Surface - SPF Lip Protection
StrideBox - Star Recovery massager


Recipe: The best running pasta ever by Nathan Freeburg. 
Workout: The Pyramid Fartlek by Sarah Tucker

March Box:

Jimmy Bar High Protein Low Sugar Crunch Bar
Boom Nutrition Carb Boom Gel
Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Drink Mix
NUUN Vitamins for Daily Health
Peanut Butter & Company Dark Chocolate Dreams
2Atoms Blister Shield

Recipe: Fruity endurance gel blocks by Camilla Saulsbury
Workout: Firing up the glutes by Coach Debbie Runs. 


If you are interested in starting your subscription, you can click HERE.
If you are interested in sending a gift, you can click HERE.