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It's time for another Trimarni Greenville camp!!

Karel and I love training camps. It's crazy to think that this will be our 4th training camp in 2017! And sadly, this our last camp for the year. But not to worry if you are interested in attending a future Trimarni camp because we already have our dates for 2018! You can check them out here.

If you haven't put on a triathlon camp before, it requires a lot of hard work, planning and attention. I often feel like an event planner for several months leading up to the camp and then I feel like a race director (worrying about everyone and hoping everything goes smoothly) for the duration of the camp.

But when the camp comes to a close and I can finally relax, I find great relief that our campers have made improvements, mentally, physically and nutritionally, while building confidence with their skills and in the end, all of the planning was well worth it. 

The hands on experience is extremely valuable at our camps as we can see athletes in action and provide immediate feedback on how to train and race better/smarter. We also find group training, in a new environment, so beneficial for athletes as you can always give a little more with others, than what you can give when you are alone.

Considering that all age-group athletes have other responsibilities in life to balance alongside training, a training camp allows you to wake up and have no additional responsibilities except to train, eat and sleep. Although many triathletes try to stay present during workouts and squeeze in the training without distractions, it's very difficult to turn off your parent, work or regular life responsibilities.

Triathlon training requires a lot of discipline, alongside a very organized life. Strict schedules, for months at a time, can often leave you overwhelmed and exhausted. Every athlete, regardless of fitness level, deserves a break from life, so that you can focus on doing something amazing with your body. And because a triathlon camp typically lasts between 3-5, you can gain so much in a short amount of time to help you get more out of your training, in your home environment, when you are always time-crunched and in a rush to get things done. 

For the upcoming campers who will be attending the 2017 Trimarni Greenville Advanced camp, here's what they can expect to gain over 4.5 packed days:
  1. No distractions - The focus of our camp is triathlon training. Therefore, we minimize the distractions and keep the attention on skills, nutrition, sleep and of course, training, all in an effort to help our campers create success at their upcoming triathlon events. There's no doubting that leaving the pressures of life, even for just a few days, can help an athlete make a significant amount of athletic progress, all while learning new skills and tools for better training.

  2. Learning - At our camps, we provide a great amount of education so that the focus is not on accumulating training miles but making each training mile count. In addition to the education, Karel and I are always alongside our athletes - either on the pool deck, on our bikes or side-by-side when running. We don't believe in sending our athletes off to workout on their own but instead, "coaching" our athletes in every training session. We want our athletes to learn as much as they can at camp so that they can apply good training habits/strategies in their home environment. Karel and I put our own training on hold as we make Trimarni camp all about our athletes.

  3. Group training - For most triathletes, tight schedules and inflexible life demands require a lot of solo training. Our training camps offer the perfect environment for group training where no athlete feels too slow or excluded. We specifically plan routes that cater to the abilities of our athletes and provide workouts that will help each athlete gain something special from each training session. By the end of camp, our athletes have created new friendships and have an extra dose of motivation to bring home, all thanks to the group training environment at camp. I really do believe that group training brings out the best in an athlete as you can train with like-minded individuals who "get you".

  4. Confidence and skills - The best way to improve your skills and confidence is to train in an environment that is safe and slightly unfamiliar/uncomfortable. With the right instruction, you can learn how to break bad habits that have been keeping you from making progress. Greenville offers beautiful scenery and safe roads but the terrain is not easy, specifically for cycling. Our challenging terrain provides our campers with ample opportunities to learn, practice skills and gain confidence. There's no point completing workouts if you are not doing things well - the focus of training is self improvement and personal development.

  5. Fun! - I believe that if you want to improve as a triathlete, you have to be dedicated, consistent and patient but you also have to have a lot of fun. Seeing that performance improvements take time, you need to have fun along the way, all while keeping your body in good health. Being able to call yourself a triathlete is a gift and it should not be taken for granted. Training should not be a chore, but it should be something that you want to do because it enriches your life and keeps you happy and well.


On to the next adventure....

Do you feel like you are living your life to the fullest?

Watching the jaw-dropping eclipse yesterday (can we do this every month??) reminded me how important it is to take part in the many life experiences that bring meaning to your life. There is so much to enjoy in life and far too many people are stuck inside, staring at the computer, watching life pass by, because they are too exhausted or busy to enjoy it.

My dad always taught to me to never take a day for granted and to live each day to the fullest. 

When you take advantage of a new adventure, whether it's watching the eclipse, hiking up a mountain, training for a new sport, traveling, changing jobs or trying something new, you grow, you learn and you make life more meaningful.

If you feel that something in life needs to change, I encourage you to step away from what is comfortable and familiar to you (ex. the same life routine, the same job that doesn't make you happy or the same workout or eating routine) and start seizing the day by planning a new adventure in your life. Yes, it will be scary at first but it may be oh-so-worth-it.

If you have recently found yourself just rolling through the motions of life, feeling as if life is flying by, it's time to disrupt your same-old routine by planning a fun, exciting and special new adventure.

  • What's that one special thing in life that would make you excited to get up in the morning? 
  • How can you become the best version of yourself? 
  • What makes you feel so lucky that you are part of this amazing thing called life? 

  • Where will your next new adventure take you in your life?


    Changing up the views

    Prior to moving to Greenville, SC in May 2014, we spent many years in Jacksonville, FL, training on the same running and cycling routes, week after week, month after month, year after year. We would often struggle with motivation as we had few options to change up the training scenery and we always wished we had new roads to explore and new views to enjoy to help spice up our training.

    Well, everything changed when we moved to Greenville, SC. Not only was our move a refreshing nature-filled change as we traded the beach for the mountains but we have no shortage of safe biking and running routes to explore. And here we are, over 3 years later and we are still discovering new routes. 

    On Saturday, Karel and I ventured out on our bikes for an specific interval set that included 6 x 5 min efforts (building in sets of 2 to very strong) w/ 3 minute EZ spin between. My ride was only 3 hours whereas Karel rode a bit longer than me as he is preparing for IM Chatty. We needed a flatter road (which is hard to find where we live) to after our warm-up (~55 minutes) we found a new road and explored it for our intervals. 

    The road was just perfect and it was so refreshing to ride on a quiet road for our build intervals. Like usual, if any cars passed us, they moved over the yellow line and allowed us plenty of room to ride safe, without worry. Oh how I love riding in Greenville. 

    After the ride, I rode home by myself as Karel carried on with his ride and finished off my workout on the treadmill with 6 x 5 min strong efforts w/ 2 min rest between. I choose the treadmill because I needed a controlled environment to find my rhythm. Since we live in a very hilly area, our treadmill was the perfect option. Karel finished off his workout on the treadmill with a run and then finished off his day of training with a PM run. 

    On Sunday morning, I was so excited to check out the Lake Summit 9-mile running Loop with Karel. We have heard so many great comments about this gravel trail, wrapping around Lake Summit in Tuxedo, NC and we finally made our way to this trail, which is only 26 miles away from us. We aren't use to driving to a place to ride or run but this was so worth it and we will absolutely be back again. 

    The trail had a nice mix of terrain with most of the run on the packed gravel trail. Although Karel and I started together, we each did our own thing for this 9-mile loop. 

    I just love running off road and the miles went by so quickly as I was soaking in the views and loving this new running route. 

    My workout included a 40 minute smooth endurance warm-up, which allowed me to soak in the views and snap some pictures. Then I went into a 20-minute strong effort, followed by nice and EZ running to finish off the loop. 

    After the run, we took a nice dip in the lake (~1000 meters) to finish off our morning of training.

    I'm a firm believer that changing up the training environment, whether it's finding a new route, traveling to a new location, participating in a training camp or training with others, is a great way to boost motivation and to add an extra bit of excitement to your training. If you find yourself tired of the same old routes/views, over and over again, it's time to explore something new. Training is tough but it should also be fun.  Make sure to enjoy nature as you get outside and enjoy the views!