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2018 Trimarni training plans - NOW AVAILABLE!!

High fives for a successful 2017 racing season!

At the end of every season, Karel and I sit down and talk about our coaching methods. We discuss what worked and what didn't work for each athlete and for our athletes as a whole. We evaluate the workouts that most of our athletes benefited from and should be repeated in the upcoming season and what workouts can be discarded. We talk about everything like our education delivery, how we communicate with our athletes, creating the ideal taper week for a half or full distance Ironman, how to best bring our athletes together as a team, the placement of certain workouts and how to keep our athletes healthy, motivated and enjoying the training journey. This discussion allows us to keep learning and so our workouts do not become stale and boring (no athlete likes stale and boring training).

We put a lot of thought into our training and although it's a ton of work, we don't repeat the same training after year. This is not limited to our training plans but also to our one-on-one coaching. Whereas it may seem like the "off-season" or October, November and December are slow months for coaches, they are actually our busiest months as we find ourselves staying extremely occupied with creating new training plans and formulating new workouts for the upcoming year. We also remade our strength training videos which took a lot of time.

New training requires a lot of brain power and time but it's a process that shouldn't be rushed as our athletes trust our methods and deserve training that is practical, effective and safe. While the periodization and workout focus may be similar from one season to the next, we like to change things up and keep our training new and fresh to ensure steady development and progression.
As coaches (and top age group endurance athletes), we have a wide range of workouts to select from when it comes to creating our Foundation, Olympic, Half and Full distance Ironman training plans. 

Understanding that every athlete is different, we carefully select the workouts that have been tried out by our one-on-one athletes (and by us) that we feel will work best for the masses. We put as much attention and detail into our training plans as we do for our own coaching athletes. While a training plan is not for everyone, as some athletes seek one-on-one coaching, we take great pride in our training plans so that you can gain the necessary confidence, endurance, resilience, strength and skills for your upcoming triathlon event. 

I'm so happy to say that our 2018 Trimarni training plans are now available!!!

We have four detailed, well-designed plans to choose from: 
  • 8-week Foundation plan
  • 20-week Olympic distance plan
  • 20-week Half Ironman distance plan
  • 20-week Ironman distance plan
Each plan includes: 
  • Email delivery of your plan via Training Peaks - you can choose your preferred start date of the plan and apply to your own person Training Peaks account. 
  • Strength training video links, structured workout and recommended sets/reps - included in every plan! 
  • A detailed workout prescription and focus for the workout.
  • Treadmill and outdoor run workouts.
  • Trainer and outdoor bike workouts (most bike workouts will include a trainer option).
  • Pool workouts and a few open water swim workouts.
  • "Checkpoint" week (aka testing) - results can be uploaded into our custom zone calculator (emailed to you). Note: the foundation plan does not include checkpoints. 
  • Welcome packet - detailed information about Trimarni training and recommended equipment/gear for your Trimarni training. 

Why choose a 2018 Trimarni training plan?
Trimarni training plans are designed for self-sufficient, goal-oriented, committed triathletes of all fitness levels who seek structured training with a well-designed training plan. The Trimarni training plans are designed to help you maximize your fitness, without sabotaging your health as we take away the guessing so that you can avoid haphazard training. With a clear focus for every workout, we are confident that our plans will keep your motivation high while minimizing burnout and risk for injury. Our plans provide the right mix of challenge and skill as you prepare for your upcoming event.

To learn more about our plans and to purchase, click HERE.


Book tour with Dirk Bockel

2008 Olympian
2011 4th Ironman World Championship
2013 Ironman Roth champion - 7:52:01
2014 Asia-Pacific Champion at Ironman Melbourne
Raced for Leopard Trek and BMC Pro Triathlon Team
27-year triathlon career

Recently retired professional triathlete Dirk Bockel will be stopping by Greenville, SC as part of his book tour on December 5th. Dirk will be sharing some of his best triathlon racing stories and answering your training and racing questions, while also promoting his new book package: THE ART OF TRIATHLON TRAINING: A Proven Guide For Your Triathlon Journey. 

For most professional athletes, no sporting career is without it's highs and deep, dark lows. Dirk's long sporting career was not without obstacles and setback, along with some memorable highlights. He will be sharing his best lessons learned (and perhaps a few well-kept secrets to athletic excellence). We could not be more excited to hear his tips and stories!

Even if you aren't a triathlete, I highly recommend to attend this motivational event as Dirk is a great speaker and he has a strong passion for health and fitness. 

Dirk will have autographed copies of his book available for purchase For full information on his books visit his website here.  

To learn more about Dirk, check out this recent podcast interview with The Intelligent Racer Podcast:
Listen HERE.

We invite you to this fun, educational and inspiring event at the Carolina Triathlon Store on December 5th from 6-8pm EST.

Any questions, feel free to send me an email. 


Are you struggling to fit training into your busy life?

You have big athletic goals for yourself in 2018 but in looking back at 2017, you feel your biggest struggle was lacking the training consistency that was needed to get you to the next level.

Whenever a goal-oriented athlete is unable meet daily (or weekly) training expectations, there is a general sense of failure and frustration stemming from missed workouts. Work, travel, family, projects and other life stressors are bound to get in the way of training but you are constantly reminded that consistency fosters success.  In looking back at 2017, be honest with your assessment of what needs improvement in 2018. Is the missing link to your inconsistency better commitment to training or a better designed, smarter training plan? 

Now is the perfect time to think about your previous season and what changes, tweaks or modifications are needed to help you be more consistent with training in 2018. It's natural to assume that "not enough" training prevented you from reaching your training but in reality, the biggest issue for most athletes is how you deal with the life stressors that disrupt your training rhythm. 

Consistent training does not mean perfect training.  Life will get in the way of training so you must always be an active and motivated participant in your life to safely integrate training into your work, family and travel commitments. Consistency comes when you find a way to integrate your training plan into your busy family schedule, a high stress work environment and other life commitments without compromising sleep, energy levels, emotions/mood, relationships and dietary habits. 

As you reflect on last season, consider re-evaluating some of the most common reasons that cause inconsistency in training:
  • Lack of motivation/accountability
  • Feeling constantly rushed in life, you can never slow down
  • Trying to progress too quickly with intensity or volume (often due to fear-based training)
  • Poorly planned recovery/easy days
  • Trying to follow a training plan that doesn't fit into your life
  • Summer burn out from being too "all in" with volume/intensity, too early in the season
  • Racing too much without consistent training
  • Not keeping up with strength training (or rehab from a previous injury) when training volume increases.
  • Skipping the boring/easy sessions
  • Training through injury or sickness
  • Trying to make-up workouts (or do more than needed) for fear of losing fitness or not being race ready
  • Sacrificing sleep order to squeeze in a workout
  • Poor dietary planning
  • Poor recovery nutrition
  • Not understanding how to use sport nutrition properly
  • Not being present during workouts (too easily distracted, mind wandering)
  • Always comparing yourself to another athlete (or a past version of yourself)
  • Not being patient
  • Not keeping your easy days easy
  • Fear of failure
  • Relying too much on your gadgets/metrics to control your workout
  • Being too hard on yourself
  • Making the wrong investments (ex. race wheels instead of a bike fit)
Training is not about checking off workouts and cramming in workout sessions. It's better to do less training really well than to do too much training very poorly. Be realistic with your training expectations so that you can smartly integrate training into your life in an effort to reach athletic excellence in 2018. 


Let's talk (show) FOOD!!!

On Tuesday, we traveled up to Fort Wayne, Indiana to visit my 94-year old Grandpa Joe, my aunt, uncle and cousin and my brother and his wife (and their two babies). It was a lot of fun to be with family. Campy enjoyed his road trip and his Thanksgiving eats. My dad was certainly missed during this holiday but we had plenty of great stories to share about him.

Karel and I stayed active during our trip with 2 x 4000 yard swims at the YMCA. Karel ran once on Thursday and I ran on Wed evening (30 minutes) and then on Thursday (10-miles). Tues and Sat were off days from training due to travel. It was nice to change up the training environment but we are happy to be back in Greenville (and back outside on our bikes).

As for food - I enjoy a break from my normal eating routine. I find that traveling and the holidays provide such a great opportunity to be inspired by new food creations. I was yumming a lot over the past week and rather than writing out my delicious eating experiences, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Here are a few pictures from what I enjoyed (I didn't take pics of all of my meals/snacks):

A stop at the Old Amish Store in Berea, KY in route to IN. I had the most delicious 3-bean cumin sandwich with swiss cheese, tomato, onion and sweet peppers on sourdough bread. AHmazing!

After a long drive (12 hours due to traffic), we were delighted to have a home cooked meal ready for us when we arrived (thanks to my Uncle Denny). I yummed over a vegetable packed stew and a side of cornbread. 

Pre-swim on Wednesday morning I traded my normal pre-workout waffle snack for a bowl of oatmeal topped with banana slices, blueberries and walnuts. 

For lunch on Wednesday, roasted vegetables, cottage cheese topped with pumpkin seeds, a beautiful salad and leftover cornbread. 

My eating experience on Wednesday evening was incredible. My aunt took us all to a vegan/vegetarian restaurant called Loving Cafe. This was one of the coolest experiences of my life as a 25-year vegetarian as I could taste what everyone was eating as I could eat everything on the menu! Karel even enjoyed his meal so much that he wanted to return back to the restaurant the next day (sadly they were closed on Thanksgiving). 

Cabbage soup

Lentil and bean soup


My meal - quinoa vegan cheese burger

Karel's meal - Orange sweet and sour

Eating wings with vegan ranch dressing! 

Thursday morning pre-run snack - raisin challah bread with PB and jam and a never-too-much cinnamon and a side of yogurt.

Afternoon Thursday snack - yogurt with chopped dates (topped with coconut - from the Amish store), almonds and blueberries. 

My entree for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving spread

My Thanksgiving plate (dessert was locally made Rhubarb pie and vanilla bean ice cream)

Campy's plate - plus so many "accident" floor droppings. 

Leftovers on Friday evening (and more)

My entree on Friday - leftovers from Thursday plus cooked crumbled tempeh and cauliflower. 

Friday night eats

Post 3 hour workout (2.5 hour ride + 30 min run) - Homemade french toast on mini brioche bread.

A beautiful large salad to kick-start a new week.