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Product Review - Stridebox

Location: Bend, OR

What is Stridebox (from the website)?
StrideBox is a monthly subscription box to fuel your running adventures. It is a fun and exciting way to discover running products and accessories.

As a subscriber, each month you will receive a curated box of running nutrition, accessories, and essentials to fuel your training sessions, workouts, and races. 
StrideBox will help you find products to make you perform better. It will provide healthy alternatives to products you already use. The best part is the fun you'll have being surprised at what you'll find. Your favorite running thing could be coming in your next StrideBox.

What’s inside a Stridebox from the website?
Each month, StrideBox will feature a mix of 4-6 established sample and full sized products (nutrition and healthy snacks; body/skin care and hygiene; running gear/accessories; motivation, recipes and more) from brands you know, as well as new and exciting products from smaller companies. Each box is curated to give you a variety of products and flavors to fuel your monthly workouts, training runs, and races.

Cost and Delivery
$19.95 per month ($15 + $4.95 shipping) to the US (US States, APO, and FPO addresses). We also ship to Canada for an additional shipping fee. At this time we do not ship to any other countries. You will be charged for your first box immediately on signup, and then monthly on the 26th for the next month’s box. StrideBox will ship before the 7th of every month.

Subscriptions are on a month to month basis. You can also choose to pay for 3 or 6 months at a time at a discounted price. You continue to get StrideBox until you decide to cancel.

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Take a look inside Stridebox.....