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Scottsdale, Arizona Train-Cation - Day 4

Some swim workouts are better with company. A swim partner keeps you accountable to getting to the pool to start your workout and to stay in the pool to finish your workout. 

For our last workout of our train-cation, we had a mega swim workout provided by Tower 26.

My body was still feeling pretty tired from the bike ride on Wednesday but I shifted my mindset from "I'm too tired" to "you can do it!"

Here's the swim workout......

500 warm-up
4 x 50's kick with snorkel and board w/ 10 sec rest

Pre set:
400 swim w/ fins and snorkel

MS: 10 x 350's with 40 seconds rest as
#1-4: 70, 75, 80, 85%.
#5-7: 85% (same effort as #4)
#8-9: 70%
#10: Best effort

CD: 100 EZ
Total: 4600 yards