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It's that time again.....Trimarni training camp!

On Wednesday, we will be holding our 12th group training camp. Since our very first camp back in 2013, we have enjoyed the "camp" experience for our athletes as it is a great opportunity for our campersto checkout of normal life stressors and responsibilities, disconnect from gadgets in order to explore nature, stretch the comfort zone, learn, boost fitness and bring some added motivation and excitement to training by training in a group setting in a beautiful training location.

For the past five years, our spring all-levels triathlon training camp was always held in Clermont, Florida but with Greenville being the perfect cycling playground for triathletes, we felt strongly that our campers/athletes would benefit more from training with us in the mountains on safe, quiet roads with comfortable weather conditions.

Planning a group training camp is not easy and it requires many months of preparation, time and energy. We take great pride in providing our campers with a variety of benefits as a Trimarni camper, including (but not limited to): 
  • An awesome swag bag filled with a variety of products from Trimarni sponsors and affiliates
  • Trimarni logo gear (ex. bags, hat, t-shirt, water bottle, swim cap, etc.)
  • Minimal driving to/from training locations (most rides start from the camp house)
  • Safe and easy to access training grounds
  • Reserved pool (the entire Furman pool)
  • Group living situation for camper bonding (included in camp fee)
  • Structured training with a specific purpose for every workout (not for the purpose of collecting miles)
  • Planned routes (no cue sheets given - we are out with our campers for all rides)
  • Challenging but fitness-appropriate workouts to stretch comfort zone
  • SAG support vehicle for all rides (with our amazing SAG leader Joey)
  • Assistant coach Joe to provide feedback/assistance
  • Pizza party (vegan/gluten free options provided)
  • Education - lots and lots of education
  • Skill work to break bad habits and to improve skills
  • Enthusiasm, motivation and support from coaches at all times
  • Ego-free atmosphere - no one is too fast or too slow
  • Packed schedule of training with appropriate time for fueling/recovery
  • Specific recommendations/guidelines for fueling/hydration
  • Typical camp size - ~15 athletes with 3 coaches (5:1 athlete to coach ratio)
To follow along with our camp activities, you can connect with us on Facebook at Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition.