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Trimarni All-Levels Camp - Day 2 recap

The energy and enthusiasm was still high on day 2 of camp. Now that our campers had a full day of training behind them, it was time to step things up a notch with more workout specificity and applying the skills that we focused on in day two of camp.

After we let our campers sleep in and get in a good morning meal, the first workout of the day was an endurance swim. We gave them one of those sets that if you see it on your training plan, it's much more "fun" to do with others than alone with your own thoughts.

After the swim, our campers had a little break to refuel and rest before an afternoon brick workout. The bike portion of the brick allowed our campers to work on the end of ranges for cadences with heavy gear work when climbing and high cadence work when descending. While not necessary to force/apply these end of ranges on race day, it's important to train the end of ranges as an available tool in the race day physiological resource tool box.

After the bike, it was time for a run. The run off the bike is one of our favorites and a very specific run. While the early season bricks are focused on finding form while keeping the running off the bike very short (10-15 minutes), now is the time in the season when our athletes need to be able to adjust efforts while running - without chasing a pace. The brick run was very specific to half IM racing and one that we love to use for our athletes in the weeks leading up to a race to "feel" certain race efforts.

After the brick, day 2 of training camp was complete and per tradition, it was time for our pizza party + coaches Q&A. 

Here's a recap of day 2 of camp:

  • Dynamic warm-up/mobility work
  • Coaches discussion on swim workout
  • Swim workout at Furman University (entire pool reserved for campers)
  • Endurance focus swim
  • Bike workout applying end of ranges cadence work on a 2.5 mile rolling hill stretch of road (out and back) 
  • Smooth ride back to the camp house
  • Brick run on Swamp Rabbit Trail (staying on one stretch of road so that campers can pass by one another for support)
  • Pizza party (coaches treat) from Sidewall Pizza Company
    Coach discussion/reflect on day 2 of camp
  • Athlete/Coach Q&A
Here are some pics from day 2 of camp: 

Swim workout for lanes 5-6 (more experienced swimmers)

Workout for lane 4

Workout for lanes 1-3

Snapping a pic/video of our campers in action

Campers in action at the Furman Pool 

Quick stop for a pic. 

Ready for intervals.

Doogie (aka Mr. Llama) loves a visit from a passing-by cyclist. 

Run workout (two options) for off the bike.

Campers finishing off their brick run. Teamwork makes the dreams work!

This way for pizza for Trimarni athletes!

All Trimarni athletes recognize the importance of fueling/hydrating while running and always run with a hydration belt/pack. 

Pizza and salad from Sidewall!

Campy loves the camp pizza party, especially when he food "accidentally" falls into his mouth.