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To my friend Laura

The world lost an amazing person on Tuesday. My amazing friend Laura finished her journey on Earth and is now in a more comfortable place, looking over all her friends and family members, including her husband, brothers and sisters, mom and dad and two young kids.

Laura lost her one-year battle with stage IV non-smoker lung cancer but you'd never know what she was battling as she always carried a beautiful smile, a positive attitude, helping heart and words of wisdom wherever she went.

Although I wasn't in a lot of contact with Laura since moving from Jacksonville to Greenville in May 2014, Laura was the type of friend who was always there - no matter how little we talked or saw each other, she was always there when I needed her or wanted to catch up. I am sure others can agree that Laura was a loyal friend to everyone she cared about.

When I moved to Jacksonville with Karel in 2008, I didn't know anyone in the area. Laura was my very first friend. We met (appropriately) at the YMCA pool and if I remember correctly, we were both wearing fruit/vegetable themed shirts.....and instant match. Laura was a RD and I was becoming a RD. Laura had a dog (Beethoven) that had a similar look and personality of Campy. We traded dog babysitting whenever needed and we loved talking food, triathlon and health. For my birthday one year, Laura made me Carrot Cake and every year thereafter she continued to make me carrot cake on my birthday. I still keep this tradition up today with store-bought carrot cake in her honor.  Although Laura had Lupus, it never affected our relationship. She was always energetic, active and courageous.I had the honor of coaching Laura to many finishing lines - including a half ironman distance triathlon! Last year, I featured Laura on my blog as a way to raise money for her cancer and to shine the spotlight on this amazing human being.

Although I try to keep this blog educational, inspirational and motivational, I wanted to take the time to shine the light on my amazing friend Laura. I find myself thinking of her a lot, every day since her passing and feeling lucky that I had the chance to call Laura my friend. On Laura's Facebook page, her background picture read: BE POSITIVE (featured above). This was Laura All. The. Time. I don't know how it happens but somehow I find myself gravitating toward energy givers and avoiding the energy suckers. While it doesn't always happen this way, Laura was one of those energy givers that you just wanted to be around All. The. Time.

Laura accomplished so much in her short life. She wrote a book, crossed many athletic finish lines, adopted two amazing kids, started her own business, volunteered, worked PRN as a clinical RD and was always pursuing the next challenge with grit, determination and a big smile.

Positivity is choosing to see the bright side of situations. Laura did a remarkable job at this, even during her fight with cancer. She believed in the power of a positive attitude and having hope that things will always get better. Laura always chose a positive, cheerful, can-do, confident attitude and I admired her so much.

To my friend Laura - thank you for being YOU. You will be missed deeply but your bright light will always shine over me, making me smile as I think of you.