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St. George Day 1

We completely forgot how beautiful this place is. It didn't take long on our late morning ride to remind us how magical the red rocks are in St. George.

After a solid night of 9-hours of sleep, we woke up around 5:30am mountain time. We got a little work done on the computer while drinking a delicious cup (or 3 for Karel) of espresso - thanks to Karel's travel Wacaco Nanopresso and then around 7:30am, enjoyed a selection of hotel breakfast foods. Originally we were not going to check into our rental home until noon but the owner texted me that it was ok to go to the house anytime. Our rental home is absolutely beautiful (and huge) but the best part is that we are surrounded by farm animals. As I write this, I can hear the cows moooing behind me. We have donkey's in front of the house and goats just down the road. I am in farm heaven!


Instead of Karel assembling our bikes in a hotel room, we made our way to the rental home (around 5 miles from the race venue) around 8:30am. As Karel built our bikes, I went to the grocery store to stock up on food for our house...and with 14 of us in one house, I had a lot of groceries to buy!

Nearing 11am, Karel and I got on our bikes and heading one mile down the road to the race course to ride to Snow Canyon, up the 4.5 mile climb and then a fast descend back into town and then back to the rental home. In total, the ride was just a little less than 2 hours and around 34 miles. As we remembered, the views from the run course and in Snow Canyon were breathtaking.


After the ride, we went for a 15 minute run just to finish off a good longish session to remind the body whats to come on race day.

For the rest of the afternoon/evening, the rest of our house-mates/teammates started rolling in. It's always fun to share a race experience with others and staying within one roof makes for a fun race-cation, filled with no shortage of laughs.

I made dinner for the group, which included roasted sweet and white potatoes, a large salad, boiled eggs, tofu (for me and Thomas) and roasted veggies. We also had deli meat for the meat-eaters.
Nearing 9:30pm, it was time for bed. More fun to come on Thurs (today) as we will swim at the race venue and check in for the race, followed by our traditional team pizza party + course talk.