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Ironman Austria - Race week part 1

Now that the stress of traveling is behind us, it's time to do a little catching up on the fun that we have been having here in Europe. Despite all the obstacles that we go through to get here, I really do love being here.....and here's why....... 

Karel gets to spend time with his family. 

The only time you'll find me at a McD's is in Europe. A delicious cappuccino. 

Airbnb on the top of the mountain. Could this be any more quaint? 

Spending quality time with my athletes/friends while enjoying meals outside in nature. 

Bright bikes and exceptionally made Alto Wheels making an appearance in Klagenfurt. 

Riding one loop of the Ironman Austria bike course on Wednesday. We managed to miss the rain and the temps were near perfect - not hot, not too cool. 

Endless views for 110-112 miles (2 loops). 

I love riding through the many small towns during the bike portion. 

Bike-friendly roads. I always feel safe riding here in Klagenfurt (even when semi-trucks are passing us).

The hills are alive! 

The amazing views never end!

Making memories with Justine, Kelly Fillnow and Natalie. 

Saying hello to my farm animal friends. 

More furry friends! 

The Ironman race staff do a great job of keeping us on the bike route as the entire course is marked. 

Panoramic views with every mile. 

Making memories with my life-long teammate. 

Seriously....even on a rainy/cloudy day the views are exceptional! 

Amazing road conditions. 

Riding on a fast but hilly bike course.

I can't get enough of this jaw-dropping views!

Non-stop smiles. 

Delicious home-cooked meals thanks to Karel's mom. Spinach stuffed crepes, boiled potatoes and the most delicious hardboiled eggs.

Making more friends outside of our rental home in the mountains. 

Freshly made desserts - rice cake and apricot cake. Two of Karel's favorites. 

All stocked with food!

Heading to the race venue. 

Slots for Kona (not confirmed). 

Heading out for a run on the run course. 

Running in the rain!

Lake W├Ârthersee - love this lake! 

The birds love the lake.

All smiles before a dip in the water. 

All checked in!

The best-tasting soup made with fresh vegetables.