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5 Lessons that travel has taught me

Home sweet home. It's so nice to be back home. While we haven't been home for more than 48 hours, we are already back to our daily routine of training, eating, working and of course, giving love to our furry crew. While our trip to Europe gave us lots of stress with our lost bikes, the trip home was not without stress. It was an exhausting 30+ hour trip home but we have our luggage and bikes and we made it home safely and in good health.

Five weeks was a long time to be in another country but it was well-worth it. We never felt home-sick or had a "bad" day but we sure did miss our furry crew. Despite the time, energy and money that is required to travel to and from another country, I have learned so much from traveling and it enriches me greatly. Meeting new people, tasting new cuisines, seeing new sights and breathing the air in a new city can teach you a lot....if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

While most of us athletes love our/a routine and being on a schedule, I really try to step outside of the norm when we travel to another country. You'd think that travel would naturally take you outside of your comfort zone but it's not always that way. Many people try to stick to what's comfortable and normal and miss out on many important lessons that travel can teach you. Losing yourself in a new environment can be scary but with the right perspective, you can learn so much. 

  1. Appreciate the little things - There are so many things that we take for granted when we get into the thick of our daily routine. Travel has taught me to be more conscious and appreciative of the small things in life and to not undervalue these things.
  2. Expand your view - Traveling gives you a different or new perspective on certain aspects of life. It teaches you what's important and thinking beyond the societal norms that are defined to be appropriate - body image, careers, how you live your life, etc.
  3. Decision making - When you travel, you have to make a lot of decisions. You become much more independent and it brings a new level of confidence - especially when you don't speak the language in a foreign country. With all the daily decisions that you have to make, every day is new and exciting.
  4. Priorities - Traveling helps you organize your priorities. You learn what's worth your time, money and energy and what things or experiences make you happy. Taking a break from the monotony and stress of every day life gives you a chance to slow down and think about what's truly important to you in life and to start working toward that vision instead of settling for less.
  5. Compassion - One of the best things about travel is seeing how others live - often with less. Everyone has challenges and struggles. When you think beyond what you consider is difficult in life, you learn about the many adversities faced by other people. It's normal to complain and to feel unhappy but when you travel, you learn to complain less and be more grateful. You also become more patient and compassionate.