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In case you missed it! Recent podcast interviews.

It's always a special opportunity for me to share my words in a podcast interview. Of course, a great podcast interview requires a great host and I was in great company for my two podcast interviews over the past two weeks. Enjoy!

I COULD NEVER DO THAT - Carrie Sapp Barrett

Marni Sumbal prides herself on dreaming big and working hard. It's evident in her work as a Board Certified Sport Dietitian with a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology in Greenville, South Carolina, where she also runs a successful multisport and nutrition coaching practice. 

It's also displayed daily in her athletic endeavors as a 14x IRONMAN finisher and 6x World Championship Qualifier.
Today, she discusses the fruits of her latest dream come true - her new book called Essential Sports Nutrition - A Guide to Optimal Performance for Every Active Person.
Essential Sports Nutrition is the new authoritative reference to eat right for an active lifestyle.
Sports nutrition is a vital element for reaching peak physical performance. To maximize workouts and athletic ability, Essential Sports Nutrition offers the most up-to-date nutritional guidance along with delicious recipes to make eating right for an active lifestyle, easy.
Gritty Genius features it's first ever guest with Marni Sumbal M.S., R.D. CCSD, LD/N, Author of Essential Sports Nutrition (2018), 6x Ironman World Championship qualifier, Board Certified Sport Dietitian, Master of Science in Exercise Physiology, and 14x Ironman finisher.
Marni and Dr. P discuss how grit, persistence, and passion played a role in Marni's journey to publishing her new book, Essential Sports Nutrition. Also, how the loss of her father motivates her daily to be the best person she can be and to inspire others for a healthy lifestyle. Dr. P discusses how TriMarni helped her uncover her personal genius and coached her to a podium spot at 2014 Ironman Texas. They also discuss mental health and encourage athletes to break the stigma.