Essential Sports Nutrition


Hydration and Performance

The first step to optimizing performance is mastering your daily hydration needs to maintain proper body functions. Fluids are critical to optimal health. They replenish what has been lost through normal physiological processes, such as respiration, sweating and urination. To optimize cardiovascular and thermoregulatory functions, it's important to subscribe to a comprehensive fluid-replacement program. Identify the best beverages to consume and plan your fluid intake - frequency and volume - around and during exercise. 

To help simplify this confusing topic, I highly suggest to listen to the Purple Patch Fitness Podcast with Andy Blow from Precision Hydration.  Matt and Andy go into the specifics of hydration and why athletes should pay more attention to hydration needs on a daily basis and during training. 

If you are like most athletes and desire specific guidelines and strategies for optimizing hydration intake, I feel you'll really find my book Essential Sports Nutrition practical and useful. Within the book, I provide several sport specific strategies on how to hydrate (and fuel) for better results.

I start the book by discussing fluid and electrolytes and how to identify dehydration (and overhydration) symptoms. I then discussing fluid balance - specifically fluid loss and fluid intake. With so many different types of fluids -from coffee and tea to sport drinks - I discuss several different types of drinks and the pros and cons. Within part two of the book, I spend three chapters discussing how to best hydrate (and fuel) before exercise, during and after exercise, on rest days and during competition. Respective to every type of workout or competition scenario, I give specific guidelines to help you fine-tune your hydration and fueling strategies. 

To fully understand and apply sport nutrition concepts, it's important to have a great understanding of exercise science, exercise physiology and sport nutrition. I feel Andy and Matt did an exceptional job dissecting this complicated topic and I hope my book can serve as a comprehensive - yet easy-to-read guide - to help you optimize your performance and maintain optimal health.

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