2017 Trimarni camps and key races

Pre-race visualization at Ironman Mont Tremblant

Karel and I believe that our coaching company is more than a business.
We coach a team of amazing, goal-oriented, hard working and focused athletes. 
Each athlete welcomes us into his/her life and we feel incredibly lucky to be part of a personal athletic journey. For most of our athletes, we do not spend just one season training for races but instead, we have many athletes who have worked with us for several years.

If you are a triathlete, we know that you are in an individual sport, but we want you to be part of something that is bigger than yourself.
As a Trimarni athlete, you are not just one athlete.
Every athlete brings something very special to our team, which is also your triathlon family. 

We know that training can be unmotivating when you are always by yourself and sometimes your family doesn't "get you". We also know that it can be tough to dig through those low moments in a race when you do not know anyone out on the race course (who doesn't love cheers from friends?). 

That is why we feel that it is important to provide our Trimarni athletes with several opportunities to train and race with Trimarni teammates.
Training and racing with your teammates brings out the best version of you on race day as you can always dig a little deeper, stay a bit more mentally strong and have a lot more fun when you are with others, versus when you are all by yourself. 

If you are interested in joining the 2017 Trimarni triathlon coaching team, we will open our coaching application in the next 2 weeks (before September 10th). Stay tuned - I will announce on my social media channels and on this blog, when you can apply for coaching. 

We officially start 2017 Trimarni coaching in December - however some situations may require that we begin your coaching service in November. 

Our coaching application is not used to help us decipher between fast or slow athletes. We coach ALL fitness levels of athletes and we specialize in endurance triathlon coaching (half and full Ironman).
Our coaching application helps us understand you as an athlete but also what you need from a coach/training plan. It's important to us that Trimarni is the right fit for you as we believe in a healthy coach/athlete relationship. 

In the mean time, we have selected tentative dates for our training camps and key Trimarni races for next year so that you can start planning your 2017 season.  
While it is not required that you attend a Trimarni race, we strongly encourage you to experience what it is like to race with your teammates and have full access to your coaches, before, during and after the race. 
Additionally, we strongly advise attending a Trimarni camp in 2017 so that your coaches can see you in action to assess your individual strengths and weaknesses, to help you improve your swim/bike/run/skills and to train with your like-minded teammates, who will help you stretch your individual limits. 



Location: Greenville, SC.

Length of camp – 1-3.5 days

Focus: Specific skill work, daily/sport nutrition help, RETUL bike fit, swim/bike/run training. Come train with us in the mountains - we have a perfect training playground!

Email Marni to discuss possible dates and pricing to book your private camp in advance.



All Trimarni camps are open to the public. You do not have to be a Trimarni athlete to attend a Trimarni camp. If you work with another coach, we would be glad to speak to your coach before/after the camp to ensure that your needs are met. We also welcome other coaches (who are athletes) to attend our camps to learn from us.

There will always be a max limit at our camps for safety reasons and to ensure the best possible one-on-one experience for our campers. Trimarni coaching athletes will not only receive a camp discount but will also get first priority for camp sign-up.
Expect all Trimarni camps to sell out quickly so be sure to purchase when they come available, early this fall. 

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Type of camp: Skill-focused triathlon camp

Length of camp: 3 days

Dates (tentative): March 17-19th

The focus of this camp will be on nutrition and swim, bike, run skills. Campers will have three days to learn from coaches, in a group environment, to improve swimming, cycling and running skills. All fitness levels invited. There will also be discussion on race tactics/execution.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Type of camp: Advanced triathlon camp

Length of camp: 4.5 days

Dates (tentative): March 22-26th

The focus of this camp will be to help athletes absorb a good amount of training stress over 4.5 days, to catapult fitness in the early part of the season. There will be focus on skills, nutrition and race tactics as athletes train together, with challenging workouts, to help athletes step outside their comfort zone. This is an experienced camp, please email coaches to see if this is the right camp for you.

Location: Greenville, SC

Type of camp: Skill-focused triathlon camp

Length of camp: 3 days

Dates (tentative): May 26-28th

The focus of this camp will be on nutrition and swim, bike, run skills. Campers will have three days to learn from coaches, in a group environment, to improve swimming, cycling and running skills. All fitness levels invited.
There will also be discussion on race tactics/execution.

Location: Greenville, SC

Type of camp: Advanced triathlon camp

Length of camp: 4.5 days

Dates (tentative): June 22-26th

The focus of this camp will be to help athletes absorb a good amount of training stress in the early part of the racing season. There will be an endurance theme to this camp, with focus on skills, nutrition and race specific workouts. Athletes will have the opportunity to work on swim, bike and run skills but there will be a heavy emphasis on cycling. This is an experienced camp, please email coaches to see if this is the right camp for you.

Location: Greenville, SC

Type of camp: Endurance focused triathlon camp

Length of camp: 4.5 days

Dates (tentative): August 30st – Sept 3rd

The focus of this camp will be to help athletes absorb a good amount of training stress over 4.5 days, to prepare athletes for a late season Ironman (or half ironman). There will be focus on skills, nutrition and race specific workouts. While this isn’t an advanced camp, athletes should be resilient, healthy and fit for this camp and should endurance that this is an endurance-focused camp.


(Dates will be confirmed when the race organizer updates website with 2017 dates)

Ironman 70.3 St. George – St. George, Utah

May 6th

Half or relay options

Mountains to Main Street Half Ironman– Greenville, SC
May 21st (tentative)

Half, Aquabike or half marathon options

Lake Logan Multisport festival – Lake Logan, NC (close to Asheville)

August 5-6th (tentative)
Half, international, sprint options

Ironman Chattanooga – Chattanooga, TN
September 24th

Consider coming as a spectator if you are not racing


Hello from Mont Tremblant!

Well, I'm about a week late on this post due to a very slow internet connection in our IMMT rental home combined with looking after and helping 7 Trimarni athletes (+1 former Trimarni athlete) who raced Ironman Mont Tremblant. 

As we pack our bags and say good-bye to this beautiful, cute, triathlon-supporting town within Qu├ębec, Canada, we can look back on race day and confidently say that all our athletes had a very successful race.....despite 9+ hours of rain. 

All of the Trimarni athletes accomplished what they came here to do.....
Finish Ironman Mont Tremblant. 

There was a lot of determination, focus, grit, hard work and perseverance out on the race course for 140.6 miles. With rough waters during the swim, pouring rain and cool weather temps on the bike and on and off rain during the rain, alongside a challenging bike and run course which can to be difficult to master in terms of pacing and execution, we could not be more proud of our athletes.
And for me, as a spectator in Mont Tremblant, I absolutely loved watching my athletes in action.

I'll be sharing more about the race, including Karel's race recap of the race, but for now, I will leave you with the exciting news that Karel is heading to Kona for the 2nd year in a row after placing 2nd in the 40-44 age group.

This all comes just 8 weeks after a PR race at IM Austria (9:13, 9th place).
Now Karel gets to do this all again in 6 weeks in Hawaii for the Ironman World Championship.

What it looks like to dig deep and run the fastest amateur male run split of the day. 

Here are a few pictures (in no particular order) from the race to show our amazing athletes in action.
Despite the suffering, there was no shortage of smiles on the faces of the Trimarni athletes!

Adam on the bike

Adam on the run - on his way to run a 3:43 PR marathon

Go Adam!

Adam finishing

Next day celebrating. 

Post race celebrating

Freddy - run for the beer!

Go Erin!

Looking good Freddy!

Paparazzi - there's Freddy!

Post race food - spectators are just as hungry as the athletes!

Some of the Trimarni athletes with coach Karel at the awards

Go Jeff and Trimarni nutrition athlete Adam (who just finished his first Ironman without GI issues)

Go Justine.....6 more weeks until you get to do this again in Kona!

Justine before going through the IM motions before Kona in 6 weeks (qualified at IM Maryland)

Karel starting the bike...before the rain came down

Go Katja! A smile all day!

Great work Katja!

Karel on a mission.

Karel in 5th place off the bike - time to run down his competition.

Karel on loop 2 of the run, now in 3rd place. 

Karel off the bike in the first 1/2 mile of the run. I told him he was in 5th place - time to commit! 

Wet and cold but happy for our athletes! Thank you Taylor for being awesome all day!

Cheering for Karel after loop 1 of the run. Keeping him going despite the world of hurt that Karel was experiencing in his body.

Congrats Adam for finishing your 2nd IM in 11:08! You may live in flat FL but you trained smart to execute on a very challenging and hilly race course. 

Cheering squad out on the race course! So grateful for all the Trimarni spectators who braved the rain to cheer for the athletes. 


Simple sport nutrition tweaks for hot weather training - run


I feel many triathletes need a constant reminder that they are not runners. Certainly, runners do not need to be reminded that they are not triathletes.

Runners absorb a completely training stress than the multisport athlete. Furthermore, the race day effort of a triathlete is based on the race distance, which determines what time of the day a triathlete runs and what type of mechanical fatigue the triathlete brings to the run. Thus, the pacing and fueling strategy for run training and running are very different than the single sport athlete.
(Note - even for runners, I still find it valuable to set up aid stations or bring nutrition and hydration with you during long runs)

For the triathletes, you can not think like a runner when you train for triathlons.

For example, if you are doing a brick run, you can not think of your run off the bike as "only" a 20-minute run. I see it all the time - a triathlete is out on his/her bike for 3, 4, 5+ hours and then comes the run off the bike and no fluids are consumed during the run.  If you ride your bike for 3 hours and run 20 minutes off the bike, you are completing a 3 hour and 20 minute workout - you can not think that you are "only" running 20 minutes. Sure, a solo 20 minute run does not need calories or fluids but your body still requires and deserves fluids, electrolytes and calories to finish off your workout.

Once this new fueling strategy is ingrained into your head, you will notice that you are running better off the bike (not barely surviving or suffering), you are more energized and thinking clearly during a run off the bike, you are protecting your health (allowing you to train more consistently), you can reduce risk for injury and you can reduce your overall training stress, thus allowing you to recover faster. I can't tell you how many athletes that I have worked with who consistently underfuel and underhydrate while running all because it doesn't seem natural or needed to bring nutrition and hydration on a run.  By fueling and hydrating properly, not only do you build confidence for race day, train your gut and improve performance but you protect your health AND you can function better in life (your family can thank me for this advice).

-There are many hydration belts and packs on the market so take your pick. Just please carry something with you that allows you to run with good form (I advise to not carry anything more than 6-8 ounces in your hand as it can throw off your gait and cause muscle tension in the neck/back). A hydration pack/belt allows you to hydrate and fuel consistently when YOU want to fuel and hydrate. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable at first but just like running with a HR monitor, wearing a hat/visor, running with a watch or wearing an ankle strap or race belt around your waist, you can get use to it.

-In hot weather, you need to plan for 1 x 10+ ounce flask with 70-100 calories of a hydration based sport drink with at least 250-400+ mg sodium for every 30 minutes of running - this is for any length brick run or long run. If you run on the treadmill, the same strategy applies but you can use a sport bottle instead of a flask.

-You also need to plan for 1 x 10 ounce flask of cold water for every 30 minutes of running for any brick run or long run. This will be a lifesaver as you can now use this cold water for sipping and for cooling to help control core temperature. 

-Plan your run routes accordingly so that you can make quick stops for easy refilling of sport nutrition powder (ex. baggies or single serving packets) and use water fountains or bottles for water. Many sport nutrition companies (ex. Scratch, Tailwind, Clif Hydration, EFS pro) provide single serving packets so you can carry refill powder with you when you need to refill. 

-To reduce the risk of GI upset and to optimize digestion and absorption, I suggest to sip your drink every 8-10 minutes and as needed. Never ration your hydration when you run because you don't want to stop or your  next stop isn't for an hour - sip when you want and when you are finished, refill. It's ideal to best understand when you prefer to drink.

-If you are using a hydration beverage (ex. sport nutrition product that provides calories and sodium, which is recommended), you will reduce the risk of overdrinking on plain water, as it is typical for athletes who run without a sport drink to either overdrink on water when they stop or get to a water fountain/gas station or only consume water during a long run (or after a long bike) thus depleting sodium stores.

-If you prefer gels or chews over powder, you still need to carry water with you. However, you can replace a sport drink powder with bloks/chews but it's important to still consume your calories consistently (and make sure your gel/chews contain sodium).

-If you prefer gels, use a gel flask (1 gel mixed in water in a small flask) for easy sipping. It's recommended to use a gel flask instead of consuming a gel every 45 minutes as a gel is properly digested and absorbed with 12-16 ounce of water. Using a gel flask dilutes the gel for easier digestion.

-Incorporate walk breaks into your run training regime to get more comfortable consuming fluids and calories when you are running. It can take up to 6 weeks to train your gut if you are not yet comfortable (or tolerating) consuming nutrition when you run. 

Example; If you are running for 30 minutes off the bike, bring 80-100 calories of sport nutrition in a     10-ounce flask and a 10-ounce flask of ice cold water.
If you are running for 2 hours, start your run with 1 flask of sport nutrition and 1 flask of water and refill your flasks every 30 minutes.

(This is recommended for hot weather training).
IMPORTANT - Please DO NOT ration your sport nutrition or water because you don't want to stop or because you think it is cool to underfuel.
You will gain fitness, train more consistently, build confidence in your sport nutrition plan for race day and protect your health by fueling and hydration adequately.

TIP: To prevent taste bud fatigue, vary your flavors of sport drink throughout your long rides and runs so that you are not always consuming lemon-lime flavor (as an example) every time you train.

Also, if you feel that your mouth gets tired of the "sweet" taste of a sport drink, have a sip of a carbonated drink, consume something sour or take a bit of a savory bar (ex. peanut butter, chocolate, bacon-flavored, etc.) to excite the taste buds so that you can return back to your routine fueling regime.