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What you need to know about hot weather sport nutrition

You may be able to get away with haphazard fueling and hydration strategies in the cold winter months but if you are experiencing warmer temps, now is not the time to "wing it" when it comes to utilizing sport nutrition during your long workouts. If you've ever struggled with understanding your carbohydrate, sodium and fluid needs during a long workout, you've likely experiences several pronounced, uncomfortable and performance-limiting symptoms related to underfueling, overfueling, dehydration and overhydration such as headache, no urge to urinate, sleepiness, lack of appetite, nausea, bloating, fatigue, muscle aches, moodiness and dizziness. Proper fueling during intense or long duration exercise helps you sustain a desirable effort to maximize training adaptations. You can also practice fueling strategies for competition and train the gut to tolerate nutrition while exercise at various intensities. Contrary to the opinion of other nutrition experts, I

The elephant in the room: triathlon diversity

I want to believe that there is diversity in the sport of triathlon. I wish I could say that triathlon is an easy-entry, welcoming-for-all sport. Across the nation, public discussions about race and racism have increased in volume and intensity. Looking away and remaining silent will not change the real-life consequences that others experience. The conversation has become too loud to ignore. While uncomfortable to many, the current state of our nation requires us to no longer ignore these tough conversations. There's a sense of responsibility and urgency to bring these topics to the forefront within the triathlon community. Yes, deep discussions about race, gender, gender identity, class, sexual orientation, religion, and culture may be uncomfortable and conversations may bring feelings of anger, guilt, discomfort, sadness, and ignorance. But if we can all engage in constructive dialogue and learning, we can all work together to shift the conversation into something positive