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What's more important? Diet or Sleep?

There was a really interesting article that I came across a few days ago:  Workout or Fix a meal?  In the article, "findings suggest that one healthy behavior can take time away from another healthy habit, and that public health recommendations need to take into account the time people have for beneficial lifestyle habits on a given day." Now if you want to lose weight or change body composition , you may be thinking to yourself that you know that diet is just as important as exercise but if you are an athlete, this is likely going to ring a bell when you think about how much attention you place on your cardio routine but often feel like you don't "have time" for stretching, good sleep or meal planning. I think one of the most common reasons why triathletes don't strength train is because they say "I don't have time." "There's only so much time in a day. As people try to meet their health goals, there's a possibility that spe

Keep moving forward - it's what we do best!

  As athletes and fitness enthusiasts, we are notoriously stubborn. Perhaps that is why many of us need a coach in that we love to go, go, go and push, push, push and we do not like to slow down. With an admirable worth ethic, we love to be "on" all the time. Certainly, we need a return on all that investment so with every off day comes the build-up of energy for another quality week of training.   In light of the recent Boston Marathon events, I can't help but feel an amazing amount of energy from social media and from others who refuse to let this event slow them down.   As a coach to a group of amazing athletes (feel free to read their inspiring bios HERE) it is my responsibility to make sure my athletes are on when they need to be on and are off when they need to be off. Sometimes I prefer to keep their switch on dim as I know they all love to work hard for their goals. I am sure you are the same in that you'd rather keep moving forward than to find

Being thankful for life - Boston Marathon explosion

I was so excited to write my next blog today, talking about my training over the weekend. In view of the fact that many people are suffering from the explosions at the Boston Marathon today, I can't help but be extremely saddened by this horrific event. As a writer, I express myself the best with words on paper (or computer) so it only feels natural to write my blog but with a different take away message. Life brings challenges, stressful situations and emotional times. It also brings success stories, inspirational moments and memory making experiences. Everyone is unique and comes with a story. When I started my business, I thought long and hard about my philosophy and what I wanted to provide to others in this world. Over time, I took mental notes as to how athletes and fitness enthusiasts were living life and I loved the fact that so many people in this world have goals related to diet and exercise and wanted me to help them reach their personal goals. With yet another eye-

Creations to fuel your lifestyle - pizza, recovery meal and veggie casserole

RECOVERY MEAL Bread, fruit and eggs. A few of my favorite things in a recovery meal.  Are you confused as to the best method of recovery after endurance activity? I know it can be confusing to understand sport nutrition because what you eat around workouts is not what is preached by the media in terms of "heart healthy" eating. This is why I am a firm believer, health first, performance second. When I was at the Oakley Women event in LA this past week, I talked about fueling around workouts and my primary focus was to help the audience understand that we don't need high fiber, high fat, high protein around our workouts. We want foods to be quick to digest and to be energy dense. So if you are snacking on quick digesting foods throughout the day when your body is not active, this is where the confusion comes in as you are likely very vulnerable to your body around a workout and want to eat "healthy and clean". Pass on the salads, high protein/fat foo