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Create a successful, supportive team

Create a supportive team Swim team, volunteer team, triathlon team, marketing team. Family, friends, experts, professionals. Sometime in life, it's likely that you will be on a team. Many times, this occurs in your career and/or in your sport of choice. But regardless if you are, have been or will be on a team, you probably understand the importance of having a supportive team.  A team  values your opinion, your vision and your ideas. A team is loyal to you and never stops believing in you. A team empowers you and doesn't suck positive energy from you.  Just imagine what your life would be like if you had a team that always showcased your best attributes but also challenged you to be the best that you could be.  If you are a goal setter, you probably know how important it is to have a team. A team created by professionals/experts who could guide you on your individual path of development. A team that could give you the right information, at the right

Enjoy eating out!

Yesterday (Tuesday) was our first time eating dinner at  Roost  in Greenville.  I had an outstanding (very spicy) vegetarian entree that made me yum out loud! Fall Harvest Vegetable Bowl - made with seasonal veggies tossed in a red coconut curry with fragrant basmati rice. I had the option to add a protein so I choose tofu (it's not too often that I get to pick a plant strong protein like tofu on a menu!). I finished half of this meal and saved the rest for the next day. Karel got a cranberry apple stuffed chicken entree (as well as our athlete Jim who was visiting us) which was on top a roasted beet risotto brie cream. Karel had a Pilsner beer but it was too light so he switched (or round 2) was a local IPA.  I realize that eating out can be a calorie and sodium loaded affair with heavy portions that can often make you feel, well a bit stuffed after eating (and maybe the next 12 hours too).  So why in the heck would I advocate eating out and even put the word

Carrot Ginger Soup & Celery (in your) smoothie

Julia Child was fearless and creative in the kitchen. If there was one person I wish I had the opportunity to meet, passed away or alive, it would be Julia Child. I could not think of a cooler experience than being in the kitchen with Julia Child and then yumming over a meal with her. She had this special gift of helping people feel comfortable in the kitchen. And no matter your cooking skills, she made cooking easy and fun no matter the recipe or food. I have been challenging myself in the kitchen by making homemade soups. I sure do love Amy's Organic soups  but my New Year resolution was challenging myself more with recipes. And since I am not one for resolutions, I started this challenge a few weeks before the New Year. I found this recipe on the  Whole Foods Market  website and actually followed the entire recipe. I'm not giving up my creativeness in the kitchen as I am not one to follow a recipe or all the ingredients included but I gave this one a go and it came out grea

2015 diet tip: Accept and re-create your environment

                                               Accept and re-create your environment Healthy living is extremely important when it comes to supporting your training/exercise, nutrition and health goals. Everyday, you put yourself into several different types of environments like commuting, traveling, work place, social/volunteer activities, training/working out and most of all, your home so it is obvious that if you want to change something in your life, you need environments that have structure but also accessibility to things that move you closer (not further away) to your goals. We live in a world where many people blame outside forces (their environment) as the main reason why it's difficult to maintain new lifestyle habits. Oddly, most people have the motivation and drive, at first to create new habits, but it's very easy to let "easy, comfortable, familiar or the norm" bring a person back to square one when it comes to developing and keeping those