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Sport nutrition product review - Precision Hydration

Picture source Precision Hydration Based in: Christ Church, United Kingdom  Website:  About the Company from the website:  Their mission is to give every athlete access to a personalized hydration strategy so that they have the best chance of achieving their goals. They formally launched Precision Hydration in 2011 after many years working with elite athletes and technology partners to develop a simple and effective way to help athletes understand and manage their personal hydration needs. Founder (Andy Blow) has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and was a regular podium finisher in elite short course triathlon racing in his younger days. Initially, he had very poor results when racing in the heat and at longer Ironman distances. He suffered badly from cramping and had other hydration related issues. This was despite following the widely accepted hydration advice available at the time. After years of trial and error he eventually figured out how

How to avoid the training plateau

It's not uncommon for an individual to start a training plan and experience quick results in terms of body composition changes and fitness improvements. These are two of the most enjoyed benefits of starting a new training plan or exercise routine. But sadly, despite being consistent with workouts and feeling strong enough to train harder and longer, results stop happening. If anything, it's more difficult to experience fitness improvements and you are tempted to make extreme changes with the diet or step up the intensity and volume - putting you at risk for injury and illness. And, you may even notice weight gain, particularly around the stomach area. A training plateau refers to a period of time when the body is no longer responding to your exercise or diet routine. Although it's completely normal to reach a state of over-reaching, where you are unable to improve pace or mileage, only to experience a breakthrough in fitness after a period of tapering or planned recov

How to find the right "expert"

Getting and giving advice over the internet is so incredibly easy. Some people think they have an answer to everything. The problem with giving advice is that you aren't responsible for what happens next. For example, what if your nutrition advice negatively affects the health of someone? What if your training advice gets someone injured or sick? There are a lot of self-proclaimed experts who give bad advice because they don't take into consideration you as a whole person. You can't expect quality advice from someone without giving an expert all the current facts and your past history.  More so, just because one expert experienced success in weight loss, diet, health, athletics or career, this doesn't mean that what worked for him/her will work for you. Also, information can be heavily skewed to fit an agenda, such as selling a service or product or boosting popularity. There will always be a research study and success story to support any kind of agenda. With so

Spectathleting Ironman 70.3 Chatty

It was a very quick and last-minute decision to drive 4.5 hours to spectate Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga but it was well worth it. With nine Trimarni team members racing (6 age groupers, 1 pro, 2 educational team members), we couldn't pass up this opportunity to see our athletes in action. Plus, we know the Chatty area really well after being there for Ironman 70.3 Worlds and Ironman Chattanooga last year so it was an overall stress free, quick and fun weekend.  Although the weather was iffy for the weekend, it turned out to be absolutely perfect. It was hot and sunny instead of stormy which I'm sure delighted the minds of the athletes who were racing this weekend as it can be mentally exhausting to have to worry about the chance of storms and the possibility of a cancelled swim or race. The weather forecast looked to be worse for our athletes racing the Greenville Mountains to Mainstreet half ironman on Sat but thankfully the weather gods were in our favor. We left Green