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Earth day I am super excited to help out for Earth day at Native sun. I will be working the Trek store booth, handing out water bottles and encouraging people to "go by bike" and visit the Trek store across the street from Native Sun. Although Earth Day is on April 22nd, I wanted to take some time to provide some EASY "Earth Day" tips to help keep the earth clean. You don't have to go by a new car, change every lightbulb in your house or remodel your house to be more green. Yes-even you can make a difference with a few small changes. 1) Ride your bike to work, the gym or to a friends house. You don't have to "train" when you ride your bike so, ride like a kid and enjoy the downhills and a little sunshine. 2) Participate in a clean-up day in your town at least once a year. Pick up trash, plant trees or start a flower garden. 3) Grow your own vegetables and fruits. 4) Turn off the TV and enjoy nature. Take a wa

Fiesta Pita and Chickpea burger

Karel has the Athens Twilight Crit coming up next weekend and he is totally feeling the effects of his training. I refuse for either of us to get sick EVER so whenever he tells me he thinks he is getting sick or feeling under the weather I just tell him "NO you aren't!" How supportive. In all honesty, I try to feed us with loads of nutrients on a daily basis so that we can recover from our workouts, have energy for workouts and keep our immune system healthy. Oh-and of course I want the food to taste good so Karel looks forward to my "creations". I've been feeding Karel really well this week so that his energy is up and he can feel strong for all his workouts. I am not sure if my recipes will get him a win at his upcoming races but at least he is getting great vitamins and minerals to keep his heart healthy and his muscles (and tummy) happy. By the way...the recipes are vegetarian friendly but you can add meat if you want. I had a lot of leftovers from my Fi


Seeing that Easter is about the easter bunny, peeps and chocolate.... Just kidding. I guess I've been watching too many commercials and spending too much time in the grocery store. During my 2 hour run on Sunday I was minding my own business qhwn I started to smell breakfast. I guess one too many houses were preparing Easter morning breakfast and I was getting hungry from the smell of bacon. I guess it wasn't good that I was enjoying the smell of bacon so after my run I ignored my tummy and went for a recovery spin with Karel on our bikes. Luckily, we rode away from the smells of breakfast and I was able to think clearly and plan my recipe for pancakes. Now that is a good vegetarian breakfast..not bacon! Alongside my pancakes I always like a serving of scrambled egg whites (2 whites, half yoke and skim milk. The other half of my yoke, and 1 egg white, goes into my pancake batter). I started thinking about all the good nutrients in eggs so here are some fun facts about eggs... 1