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Solestar cycling insoles

Your cycling insoles may not be as sexy as your race wheels, sleek-looking frame or brightly colored and well-matched race kit but some things on your bike do not have to be seen by others to make a significant improvement in how well you ride. Karel and I have been using Solestar cycling insoles for over 2 years and we can't even imagine going for a ride without them. From my personal experience, I loved them from the first ride that I used them. My feet feel extremely comfortable in my cycling shoes, never feeling overstressed. As someone who has worked really hard to improve my pedaling mechanics, the insoles have helped me tremendously, as I feel control with each pedal stroke, no matter the cadence, sitting, standing or in the aero position. Karel keeps a small inventory of insoles (in a variety of sizes) for when he performs his RETUL fits. He has received many positive testimonials. As for the athletes who often complain of foot tightness or hot spots, no matter

What not to say to an Ironman triathlete

I love the Ironman distance. 2.4 mile swim. 112 mile bike. 26.2 mile run. As taxing as it is on the mind and body, there is something so uniquely special and extreme about moving the body over the distance of 140.6 miles. It's a distance that should be respected and not taken for granted. It's often said that race day is the easiest day, compared to training, as you are supported by volunteers, friends and family, with thousands of other athletes, to keep you motivated and inspired as you move from the start of the swim to the finish line of the run. Race day is the day when you can look back on the many months, if not years, of accumulated fitness, endurance, strength, speed and power, with excitement in your belly and a deep hunger inside to put it all that training to good use as you earn your Ironman finisher medal and t-shirt. However, race day can bring a variety of emotions, as it's a day full of unknowns, even for the most prepared or experienced athlete

Trimarni camp swag

When you see or hear me promote a product, there is a 100% chance that I either currently, have used the product or know about the product, and recommend it. Karel and I come across a lot of brands and companies with several opportunities to try new things that may or may not help us as health-focused, highly competitive athletes. While what works for us may not work for everyone else (same goes for what works for Karel may not work for me), I would never endorse a product if I didn't believe in the product. Among the many great things that come out of planning and holding a triathlon camp, I am able to reach out to companies to help fill camp swag bags for our campers. Seeing that every triathlete loves free stuff, I am always on the hunt for a variety of products that our athletes can benefit from and use throughout (and beyond) camp.  Here are some of the products that were used by our campers at our 2016 Greenville endurance triathlon camp. CLIF BAR Clif Bar  made sure

2016 Trimarni Greenville camp wrap-up

It was only 26 months ago when Karel and I moved to Greenville, SC after spending the last 10 years (for me, 14 for Karel) in Florida. Not one day has passed since May 2014 where we regretted this decision to trade the beach for the mountains. With freedom to move anywhere in the USA, we picked Greenville because it offered us so much - affordable living, support of local farming, mountains, lakes, state parks, friendly people, bike-friendly roads, a fun triathlon community, an awesome, award-winning downtown and a small town feel, close to many big cities. After our first summer in Greenville, it was a no-brainer that we needed to make the effort to make sure that other athletes could benefit from our hidden gem of a training playground.  It was only a matter of time before we started offering private training camps and group training camps so that other athletes could experience what it's like to ride on very bike-friendly roads (we don't have bike lanes