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IM 70.3 Chattanooga - gear and nutrition recap

Marni Race Day Nutrition  Pre Race Nutrition (race day) -2 waffles, peanut butter, brown sugar, maple syrup, cinnamon -Cup of coffee (Nescafe Gold Instant) -Small glass of water -Small glass of water w/ 1 scoop Osmo pre-load for women -In the 90 minutes before the race - 16.9 ounce plastic water bottle filled with 2 scoops NBS Carbo Hydration (100 calories/25g carbs/300mg sodium) -~15-20 min before race start - 3 Skratch Rasberry chews Bike:  -Front bottle cage - 26 ounce bottle w/ 6 scoops  NBS Carbo Hydration  Strawberry Lemonade (240 calories/60g carbs/720 mg sodium). -1.2 Liter (40 ounce) Ventum hydration system - 4 scoops INFINIT custom nutrition (pink lemonade flavor) mixed with water in a bottle, then poured into hydration system (total: 500 calories/122g carbs/1012mg sodium) -Rear bottle - 26 ounce bottle w/ 2 scoops INFINIT custom nutrition (grape flavored) (250 calories/62g carbs/506mg sodium) - only consumed a few sips, used as back-up fuel/hydration. -Bag of Sk

IM 70.3 Chattanooga Race Report

Pre-race We arrived to Chattanooga on Thursday afternoon. With this being our 4th time Chatty for a race, it was nice knowing that we are familiar with the area. It was a fairly stress-free 4.5 hours of travel and Campy was super excited for his road trip. He loves the car and of course, being with us. The week going into the race was extremely rough for me. My body was exhausted from my last block of training and my hormones making me feel blah (more on this in a later blog). Karel was on and off - one day he felt pumped to race and then the next day he felt flat and tired. A lot of this was from lingering fatigue from St. George 70.3 just two weeks ago. Whereas Karel doesn't overthink, I experienced a roller-coaster of emotions, thoughts and physical issues on race week. Thankfully, come Friday I started to feel a lot better and the closer we got to the race, the more excited I was to race. We booked a cool Airbnb townhome (pet friendly) just 2.5 miles from the race venue whic

IM 70.3 Chattanooga - Quick Recap

I remember a time not too long ago in my triathlon journey when my love for training outweighed my love for racing. Sure, race day was something I always looked forward to but with every race came expectations, pressure, competition and worry about the unknowns. Race day was stressful whereas there was nothing to worry about when I trained - as no one was watching. Over the years, I've studied Karel and his love for racing. He loves to race. If he could, he would race every weekend. I've noticed that he always displays a few special "race day" qualities. Applying these strategies to my own pre-race and race day thought processes has allowed me to love racing as much as I love training. Here are a few takeaways of how to enjoy racing and to get the most out of your race experience: Don't chase results, PR's or podiums. Race the competition - whoever shows up on race day.  Preparation builds confidence.  Rely more on RPE over metrics to race more proactiv