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Snickers Albany Half Marathon Race Report

The ride north to Albany was uneventful. No traffic and a few potty breaks brought us to Albany in less than 6 hours. The town is small and there are more walgreens and rite-aids than grocery stores. I picked up my race packet around 4:45pm but the process was kinda hectic. They had plenty of goodies (Snickers marathon bars and Kuodos bars, Mars company is stationed in Albany) and the t-shirt for the race is really nice. Before picking up Karel's race packet at a different hotel, we had to settled for Ruby Tuesdays last night due to lack of options (I couldn't find the outback!!) but I filled up on yummy salad bar selections, incluiding some bread and some of Karel's pasta. No big deal since I wasn't planning on "racing" the race and if you think about it, how often do we really "carbo load" before a "long" run. I think when we take a race seriously we should prepare nutritionally to the best of our ability. In this case, as long as my bloo

This could be interesting

I've been to Karel's races (and ran before he started) and Karel has came to my races (either biked before or biked to the race). A dream of mine was that Karel and I would both be racing together on the same weekend, in the same area. When we were in Georgia last summer for one of the GA cup races, I decided to race Cat 5 Women during one of Karel's road races. It was a great race (I was 3rd even though I lead the whole race!! hey, I wasn't about to draft for the 28 mile race, I'm a triathlete!) and I finished just before Karel started hi 80+ mile race. Karel and I will be heading up to Albany, GA tomorrow for the first GA cup race of the season. We both LOVE georgia and love the cycling up there (especially the mountains!). When I heard about Karel's race I did the same thing I do for all of his races that I attend...check the web for running races or triathlons. I have never found a race close to one of Karel's races (besides the 100K classic in Atlanta w

I'm not a baker

I love to cook..but I'm not a baker. I guess I'm not really a big desert fan. I've tried to play around with recipes and make deserts "healthier" but it never works. I guess you can't really make a desert healthy. Well, perhaps we are so used to rich, sugar-filled, calorie loaded deserts and therefore, it is almost impossible to find healthy deserts. And I'm not talking about a marni desert of fruit and nuts, a sugar free/fat free frozen fudge pop or sugar free/fat free pudding (I know, it is sad what Karel has to live with, hehe). You can only find so much sugar-free food before you start finding low calorie foods which are loaded with sugar alcohols and who knows what chemicals, additives and perservatives. I'm all for low sugar/high protein but I still believe the less ingrediants the better. But when it comes to deserts, I'm talking about rich breads, cakes, cookies, brownies and ice cream. You know, the real stuff. We live in a society where t

No More Sunday Races!!!

Well, the studying was productive this weekend. I had one mid-term today and one more to go tomorrow (Wed). My spin class that I teach was moved up to 5:30 (from 5:45) tomorrow morning so I will have a bit more time after my spin/run to study prior to my 11:00 class. Then, my last mid-term of the week at 5:30!!! I've been studying most of the day (45 min on the treadmill at the Y this morning an another 30 min. this afternoon...just walking, no running) and I can't wait for tomorrow to be over!!!. Karel just got finished watching the Amstel Idol 2001 cycling race on DVD and now I'm taking a study break to watch Idol. I'm sure I'll be in bed early tonight. My morning swim came early today and my 4:40 am alarm came before I knew it and now, 16 hours later, I am a bit tired. I did have time to make a great dinner. Once a week Karel and I have omelette's. Tonight was omelet night...yumm! Egg beaters w/ a little mexican shredded cheese and chili flakes (I love hot fo

Memory Slideshow

Yesterday morning I rode Seduza. It has been 4 months since I have ridden her and it felt great! I love my road bike but I have trained and raced a lot with Seduza. I have only had her since Sept 2006 but it feels like forever! Two Ironman's and many, many, many miles. To keep me motivated during my 54 mile ride yesterday I was thinking back to all the great experiences I had with Seduza. I think a lot during my rides and instead of getting depressed about how fast I was in the past, I think about all the great things I have done in my short racing career. I truely enjoy every moment of everyone of my races and I remember almost every moment (can't help a bonking moment here and there). I absolutely love what I put into every race and because of that, I believe in ghe art (and science) of training for races and not just racing. I love training, working hard for a goal and seeing myself progress as an athlete. No matter if I am cycling, running or swimming I want to push hard an