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2016 Trimarni coaching - last day to apply!

-Do you have a big racing goal for 2016?  -Do you have a long distance race on your schedule for next season but feel you need some guidance to avoid overtraining or to maximize fitness without compromising your health?   -Are you looking to be part of a team that you can socialize with at key races and camps? -Are you focused on short course racing and want to get faster and stronger and improve your confidence and skills with triathlon racing? -Are you training for a triathlon race next season and are looking for two experienced coaches to provide you with education on how to train and fuel smarter - not just give you a training plan? -Are you seeking a better understanding of nutrition, sport nutrition, training, performance, recovery , swim/bike/run skills and the ability to perform better on race day? If you said YES to any of the above, you can now apply to be part of the 2016 Trimarni Team. APPLY NOW We realize that no two athletes are alike. We all have

Ironman post-race indulging

It's just as important to have a healthy relationship with food going into your endurance races as it is to have a healthy relationship with food after your races.  I've never been one to restrict the occasional indulgence in training and I certainly don't have rules for post-race indulgences. cream, french fries, pizza and doughnut holes. The most obvious reason for indulging is to compensate for the glycogen depletion, dehydration, brain fatigue and the massive amount of calories that were expended . Despite the gels, sport drinks, cola and solid food that you consumed during your race, your body is so famished post race that your choice of post-race food is likely a mix between "reward" food and whatever appeals to your taste buds and tummy. And from my experience, every athlete craves something different post race.  E ven the professionals indulge too! As a general guideline (as a coach, board certified sport dietitian and 10

IM Kona ''15 - reflections

After crossing 10 Ironman finish lines, I have learned something from each one of them. On Saturday, I learned how strong my mind can be even when my body does not cooperate. I also reminded myself why Kona is the sight of the Ironman World Championship - racing here is a  a humbling experience to race with the best athletes in the world on a very challenging race course. IM Kona can crush dreams or can make dreams come true.  Over the past 9 years, I have had great races where I could do what I love to do on race day -  race with only my mind as my only limiter on race day and perform with a healthy and strong body. But then I've had races where my body didn't perform well. No matter the race, I have found myself crossing the finish line and wanting to do better.  There was always a next time as I have never given up even when races didn't go as planned.  I've been in this position before. Actually, the situation is so similar that it's almost scary. 

Ironman World Championship finishers!

Thank you everyone for the support yesterday. We needed it! We are so proud to now be 2015 Ironman World Championship finishers!! It was a very hot, challenging day with a lot to overcome in order for us to get to the finish line.  With now 10 Ironman races behind me, including 4 Ironman World Championship finishes, I can honestly say that there has never been a race when I felt great from start to finish, everything went perfect or I felt like I was able to execute my plan....and that the thought of never doing another Ironman didn't cross my mind. When it comes to racing for 140.6 miles, there is always something to challenge us on race day. THIS is what makes the Ironman so extreme in that you never ever know what race day will bring or what your body will do on race day.  I never overlook an Ironman finish and every medal is earned - not given. It was an extremely tough day for both of us (but mostly for me as Karel was able to race so strong from start to finish