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Could I be more nervous? Yes-as much as I LOVE to race, I still get nervous. I haven't really participated in enough races to look back at previous races and hope to set PR's. I pretty much consider every race a first. Although I have done several sprint triathlons, I can only look back on my two marathons (miami and Boston), one 70.3 race (now called Ironman 70.3 Florida), one half marathon (miami) and one Ironman distance and think to myself....."What am I doing racing Elite in an OLYMPIC DISTANCE!!!!" Although I feel ready to get out there and race, the fast stuff is not fun for me. Ouch!!! I like to test the body and see how strong I can be when I'm out there racing in an endurance race. Anything less than 3 hours is very hard on my body. Ok-enough excuses already. Seduza is race ready and I will be racing with my HED 3 wheels one last time before I put on my new 404 Zipps for Ironman 70.3 Florida. Karel got Seduza looking nice and pretty for me with a new c

Georgia Trip- Recap

What a trip! Nothing better than spending time in the mountains and training like a pro. I guess I'm back to reality now :( The trip started on Wednesday afternoon around 4 pm as Karel and I headed out for our long road trip to Georgia. The first half of the drive was in the light, but unfortunately it was also raining. Bummer for a nice and easy drive. Karel did most of the driving as I tried to sit still for the 8 hours that we were in the car. Leave it to me to entertain Karel with my singing of songs from the radio and making him play the alphabet game with me. Great game by the way. You find things that start with each letter of the alphabet. Of course with Karel and I being so competitive, it was a race to see who could find each letter. After a couple gas/restroom/eating stops we arrived at Cavendar Creek Cabins around 1:30 am. Although I didn’t explore the cabins when we arrived, I couldn’t wait to see the place in the daylight. The night went by fast and as I was making so