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New Stuff!

I'm just about to start my first assignment for my dietetic program. I am taking two classes for 6-weeks and then another 2 classes for 6-weeks. For my nutrition education course I finished my assignment which was a case study using stages of change. I learned how to recognize what stage a person may be in when they are in need of a change. I never thought how useful this info would be within the area of nutrition. For example, some people may know they are in need of a change but are not sure how to make the changes. Some people aren't aware that they have unhealthy habits and are immune to the negative effects of their lifestyle choices. Very interesting how their are Do's and Don'ts of working with someone when trying to help them with their nutrition (or lifestyle). I feel smarter already! As far as my food science course, I am about to start my lab which involves sensory evaluation and descriptive terms (like taste, sight, flavor, intensity, etc.). I feel like I am

Pics from disney

Enjoy! Thanks to my official photographer (DAD) for the great pics!! A nice hug from kate. Who likes to be serious before a race? Let's get this race started! So many people! Wish I could swim more but it is time to bike! This isn't me but I thought you might enjoy a pic of the lovely weather conditions on race day. Get me out of transition. Time to RUN! Hi mom!!! See ya boys! I'm not sprinting to the line. I am just so ready to cool down! It's over!! Encouraging smile that I enjoyed myself on the course. Pizza and a medal!! The best part about racing :) Time for new shoes!

Getting there

The pile of boxes in our new place (2 bedroom, 2 bath) is getting smaller. However, I think I managed to move all the unpacked boxes to the office (spare bedroom) and that room is beginning to scare me. I am catching up with emails as well and getting back into nutrition consultations and coaching. I have enjoyed my little break from "work" but I am anxious to get back to helping people. I kinda loose my mind if I am not doing anything constructive with nutrition. I finished the kitchen first and no surprise, I had a BIG trip to super Wal-mart to stock our fridge with lots of healthy and yummy foods. We have a pantry and I even found some food to put in there. Karel was a little bummed that I didn't bring home any ice cream. I guess my 40-calorie yogurt's aren't going to cut it for Karel. I did find some waffles (organic blueberry and flax seed apple and cinnamon) that Karel is now obsessed with. We both love the convenience of popping a waffle in the toaster and


I'm going to tell the truth.I thought this would be fun, moving with Karel to a new place. Getting to decorate after going through all our stuff from the past year. I don't have to worry about training since my race is behind me and I can just take my time with everything since I have nothing else to do. Ha...I wish you could understand how terribly sore I am right now. My calves, my quads and my arms. I hate moving. Ironman Florida 70.3 was on sunday. I raced hard and I could feel my quads all evening. I slept for a solid 6 hours (too tired to sleep) on sun night after finishing the boxes in our place around 11pm. Monday morning, Karel and I biked to the Penske Truck pick-up. I think we averaged around 13mph and our 7 mile ride felt like a 20 mile ride. Karel and I were so physically exhausted from our races. We got the truck and started loading at 10am. We didn't finish until around 6:30pm and the odds and ends took another 2 hours on tuesday morning. I slept for around

Disney 70.3 Race Recap

I went to bed late and I'm up early. I guess I forgot what it feels like to "race". Oh the soreness in my legs. I thought I would be nice to Karel and just get up and move to another room rather than tossing and turning for a few more hours. First off, karel was 17th in the State Crit and he said he is really happy about his race. Although 17th may not seem like a good place (says karel, i think just finishing is amazing!!) he said that he made a lot of moves and really contributed to the race. That is how Karel likes to race, rather than just sitting in with the pack until the end and then sprinting to the line for a win. He is all about the action and making the other guys suffer. So, a big congrats to Karel. It wasn't very fun waiting for his call after I finished my race. I wanted to hear from him and when he called "How'd you do??" I asked. Of course, the first thing he says, "How'd you do?" It was fun exchanging race stories all eveni

Disney 70.3

I will write the detailed write-up in a bit. Right now I'm trying to finish some packing before we load up the moving truck tomorrow. The race was hard. The girls in my new age group are tough. The conditions weren't the best. Rain on the bike for around 20 miles and the heat on the run was tough. The swim was beautiful. I swam my hardest. I biked hard...but saved my legs. I ran like there was no tomorrow. I would like to provide a quote for my last loop of the run... "No mom, I can't run any faster." There must be something about parents, friends and loved ones that think you (as the athlete) can go faster. Yeah, like it is just that easy. Only kidding. I love when people cheer for me and especially my mom and dad. My mom loves running with me and my dad just shouts "Go Marn!" And today my dad had a new quote for me "Marn if you are talking than you might as well be walking." He's telling me this as I am asking him how many girls are ahea