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IM "long" brick and PB&J french toast

Karel and I are getting, 42 days until race day! It feels like yesterday when we signed up for the IM (last July!).  For each Ironman I have trained for, I have considered it a blessing that my body can "race" and compete in an 140.6 mile event. No workout or day is taken for granted and continuously thank my body for what it allows me to do. Without a doubt, I love the feeling of being able to take my body and mind to new places as I get stronger, smarter and fitter as an endurance athlete. But with this being my 6th Ironman and I get to share it with Karel for his first IM, I guess you can say that  Ironman Lake Placid  on July 28th, 2013 is going to be a very special day for both of us.  After the morning pre-workout snack around 5:45am (alarm set for 5:15am which included doggy walk, start the coffee, feed the furry ones)  I was off to Nocattee (6 miles down the road) via car to get set for another key Ironman brick. We will be doing the "big&q

Pear-berry oatmeal, IM-prep swim set, Trimarni "summer" checklist

Pear-berry oatmeal 1/2 cup oats (dry) 1/2 small pear (chopped) 1/2 cup blueberries 1 tbsp ground flax or chia seeds 1 tbsp sunflower seeds 1 tbsp (about) red currants (or raisins) ~10g protein powder (optional: whey, vegan, soy -to help slow down digestion and to promote satisfaction for a few hours) Water or milk to meet consistency needs 1. Mix ingredients together in large tall bowl (Recommend a tall bowl as oppose to a wide bowl which will help prevent spilling over, although watch for rising oatmeal). 2. Add water/milk (liquid) to almost cover the dry ingredients (leave about an inch or so not covered. if not using protein powder, cover 3/4ths dry ingredients) 3.Stir well with a spoon (especially if adding protein powder) 4. Microwave (uncovered) for 1 minute, then stir. 5. Continue to microwave in 45 second intervals until oatmeal meets your consistency needs (it may get more thick the longer you microwave. I like my creamy so I typically microwave around 2:15). 

The patient athlete

First Triathlon  2003 Ironman Wisconsin 2010 Ironman World Championship 2011 Are you a goal setter? Do you keep your eye on the prize day in and day out? My life functions the best with goals. I wake up excited to see what the day may bring and I go to bed, anxious for another opportunity tomorrow. I would assume that if you read this blog, you are motivated and passionate about health and fitness and I hope that you are spreading your wonderful energy to your friends and family in order to inspire others to live a more balanced active and healthy lifestyle. In the case of making progress as an athlete - such as building endurance, speed, confidence, mental toughness and skills, it takes a lot of work and much like studying for an exam, you can't cram for a race in 1 week and expect great results. You may be able to fake your performance (unlikely in longer distance races) but the body is not going to retain much after the race. You have to be patient and not alway

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Food trend - plant strong athlete

If you are like most individuals, you are not surprised by the number of new, trendy, hip or cool foods on the market. From fresh to processed, our culture loves to eat trendy foods, companies love to profit it off of them and the media loves to talk about them. (perhaps I have reversed this timeline as the media has a major influence on how, what and why we eat).  Coconut, kale, gluten-free, greek yogurt, juicing, quinoa. Just a few that come to mind when you think of the recent foods that are most talked about when discussing "healthy eating" or dieting. Anyone remember  Olestra? Did you know that there are over a dozen types of lettuces? I wrote a blog a while back on the many types of  green leafy options  that you can add to your current diet.  How come the media isn't obsessing about M√Ęche, M esclun or   Mizuna and how come the grocery stores aren't carrying them for us to enjoy?  When I work with individuals on the diet, specifically for perf

Body and mind stir-fry creation

Fuel your body with real food because your body needs fuel to function, to thrive, to live, to be happy. Don't watch the clock. Don't say you're being bad. Don't regret what you choose to put into your body. Don't say you're cheating. Don't worry/stress about what other people are doing, what others may think or what others may assume. Own your actions. Feed your body throughout the day when your brain and body need energy. As I was seeing and charting on patients today in the hospital today, I couldn't help but think (as I always do) about how grateful I am to have a body that is well, happy and healthy. Every time you think about (or do) body bash or voluntarily restrict food that can be used for fuel or for health, consider reframing your thoughts. That same body that you think is fat, ugly or gross or just messed up or failed you, is the same body that you push to cross finishing lines, wakes you up in the morning to take care of yo

Ironman prep- long run + yummy berry-licious pancakes (recipe)

  After my quality brick workout on Saturday and my normal post workout recovery routine (recovery drink, stretching, foam rolling on my bac, Epson salt bath/shower, 110% Play Harder  gear, food and then trigger point, I rested briefly after a nice long Campy walk and then I had to attend to "work" duties for Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, LLC  while Karel was working at Trek. After a delicious dinner last night, we both were ready for bed around 9pm as our eyes were sleepy and the body was begging for rest. Have I ever mentioned that Campy is a professional sleeper?   Without an alarm, we both got up around 5:30am this morning as I guess our bodies were ready to start the day.   For the training this am - tempo bike + long run. With the run being the primary focus of the run today.   Seeing that I am gradually progressing back with my running, I am very careful to not do too much too soon. However, I have noticed that with all my hip strengthening work, I