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What's wrong with my appetite?

  Can you relate? You finish a long or hard workout and you have no appetite. You'd think you'd be ravenous after a tough training session but eating is the last thing on your mind. Even worse, the thought of food leaves you feeling nauseous. But come the evening or the next morning, you are starving and you can't seem to stop the nagging hunger pangs and fill the bottomless pit in your stomach.  If you said "that's me!" you are not alone. Having a decreased appetite after certain training sessions is very common. However, just because this is a normal phenomenon, this doesn't mean that its ok not to eat. The food you eat post workout provides the fuel to power future workouts and gives your muscles the nutrients needed to properly recover from the previous session.  Here are a few reasons why your appetite is blunted post workout:  Internal body heat - Contracting muscles produce heat. Around 20% of the energy produced by contracting muscles is used for m