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Showing posts from August 2, 2020

Greenville Spinners 10-mile TT #3 - Race recap

  Photo: Greenville Spinners After the last Greenville Spinners Time Trial event (#2 in the series but my first time participating in the event), I made note of some areas of improvement. Although only a few weeks separated the two events, there were so many lessons learned from my first ever Greenville time trial event.  There are so many differences between endurance racing and time trial racing. In an endurance triathlon event, it's all about energy management - being great at not slowing down. In a time trial race, it's all about you versus the clock. Although both are extremely uncomfortable, it's a very different type of hurt. In endurance racing, the body endures great mechanical fatigue, not to mention dehydration, glycogen depletion and central nervous system fatigue. You can't fake the training if you want to perform well in an endurance event. There's no skipping steps or rushing the process. You need great body awareness and exceptional mental strength

Trimarni 3-day Endurance camp recap

After wrapping up our 3-day advanced camp on Wednesday late afternoon, we were excited to welcome our next set of campers for the 3-day endurance camp. There was even some overlap at the Swamp Rabbit Inn so that the endurance campers could see the exhaustion - I mean excitement - on their faces as they enjoyed 4 Sidewall Pizzas as a "gift" from Karel and me.  As for the endurance camp, this group was no less dedicated or determined compared to the advanced group. All seven athletes were prepared to put in some solid work, try new skills and stretch the comfort zone. We had a similar camp structure to the advanced camp with only a few modifications.  Thursday AM: 60 min pool swim  Late morning: 2:30 bike workout followed by a 30 minute run.  Friday AM: 70 minute open water swim workout followed by a 60 minute hilly run workout PM: 2-hour ride Saturday 2:20-hour bike ride (with a 4.5 mile climb/descend) followed by a 80-min run workout.  In total, our endurance campers complete