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Trimarni Clermont camp - Day 2 recap

                            Good morning campers!! March 20th, 7:30am - meet at the NTC track! We reserved the track from 7:30-9am but the first 30 minutes were spent warming up. We find this extremely valuable for our athletes and we feel this is often a missing link in the average age-groupers training plan. With rushed schedules and never enough time for anything, strength training and a proper warm-up are typically put to the side in order to squeeze in every extra minute to add more mileage/distance to the workout. We did our mobility warm-up, followed by 1 mile EZ jog and then 10 more minutes of dynamic warm-ups. All in an effort to help our campers warm-up the body to enable the body to perform better and to reduce risk for injury.  While we were doing our workout, an elite runner to the side of us did not go unnoticed. She spent around 15 minutes jogging super slowly on the track and then another 30 minutes doing her warm-up exercises. This is proof that top athletes

Trimarni Clermont Camp - Day 1 recap

It's Thursday 3/19 at 5:30am - time for us to wake-up for the first day of the 2015 Trimarni Clermont camp!!! After Karel and I had our pre-workout snack, we drove a few miles down to the road to meet our campers at the NTC.   Our 20 campers were wide awake and excited for our first workout of a jammed-packed day.  2.5 hour bike + 20 min run To ensure my campers were properly fueled and hydrated, I encouraged everyone to start the morning with a  satisfying carb-rich pre-workout meal before the workout (around 300-350 calories) and to bring 3 bottles of sport drink (200-250 calories) for the ride and  to have at least 50-100 calories of  sport drink for the run. Clif Bar  graciously sponsored our camp with sport nutrition products for our campers but everyone was able to bring their own nutrition as well. I strongly advised my campers to have a hydration system for the run (fuel belt or hand held) as that is something that we highly recommend for all of our triathlet