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Embracing Fear Foods

Bad food.  I'm not talking about moldy or spoiled produce but instead, foods that bring on intense anxiety or guilt.  In eating disorder treatment, "fear food" is the terminology used to identify foods that are avoided in the diet due to fear. The reason why a certain food (or food group) becomes forbidden can be developed for many reasons. These "bad" foods are typically associated with loss of control or weight gain. These foods are typically high in calories, fat, carbs or sugar. If you've ever been on a diet, you understand the use of food rules for a sense of control.  Whereas safe or "good" foods can be comfortably consumed anytime, forbidden foods bring on anxiety or distress and if consumed, may cause restriction, bingeing, purging or excessive exercising.  With the holiday season quickly approaching, this can be a difficult time if you are struggling with your relationship with food and/or your body. Different types (and excessive amounts)