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Enjoy a little of everything

After putting together a handful of healthy recipes (makeover recipes) on my blog, I think it is important that we all enjoy the holidays and the good food that comes with time with family/friends and lots of laughs and smiles. I started my Turkey day holiday with a small piece of a brownie, 1/2 oat bran muffin and one of my applesauce-oat and raisin drop cookies (recipe I will post on a separate blog) this morning after I got home from the Y. Karel enjoyed the rest of the brownie and the other half of Laura's fabulous oat bran muffin. A lady at swimming turned 50 today so a few of us brought in treats to swimming (we do this for every b-day). The set today was 40 x 100's (which seemed to last forever) but since I love the water oh-so-much, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Plus, it was raining out so I didn't mind being indoors in the water. After the swim I ran 6 miles (tempo intervals) and after the run I did circuits and weights with Karel. After I cl

Feel-good chocolate cake

Sometimes I impress myself. I didn't think it was possible but I modified a baking recipe to make it a bit healthier and it came out delicious! On saturday, Karel and I biked to the beach group ride (20 miles), did most of the ride (22 miles) and biked home (20). It was a fun morning, although I wasn't feeling much power in my legs on the ride home. I had one good pull during the ride but other than that I was trying to hang on near the bike for dear life. My friend Stephanie (who is the other female on the ride and super strong on the road bike and MTB) and I got dropped after the Nocatee bridge (which is typical for us) so we jumped back in a few miles down the road. We knew the ride would be super tough because Karel, Jeff, Clint and Curtis (all Cat 1 riders) were having fun with all of the 25+ guys on the ride. Of course, Steph and I were not enjoying the fast pace when Karel or Jeff would make a break but then again, it made the ride go by super fast. On the ride home Kare

Healthy Sweet potato pie & graham cracker crust

If you've read my blog before a race, you know how much I love Outback Steakhouse. Nope, not for the steak...for the sweet potato and bread. Oh how I LOVE sweet potatoes. My Thanksgiving is complete when I have a pile of those warm and delicious, smooth and creamy sweet potatoes on my plate. My mom makes the best sweet potato casserole with toasted marshmallows on top. Over the years, she has cut back on the butter and brown sugar but in my opinion, as long as my mom makes them, I will eat them. Now, I can only speak for my family but we have a lot of healthy options at Thanksgiving. If you think about it, Thanksgiving is probably one of the few days during the year that people actually eat healthy. Think about it...all the fruits and veggies and protein. People aren't driving through the fast food window or popping a frozen meal in the microwave for lunch or diner. They are preparing recipes handed down generation after generation. If a Turkey Trot is in store, they are eating

Apple, Celery and Onion Stuffing muffins

I saw this on Rachel Ray and had to re-create the recipe. I am a huge fan of stuffing (how can you resist flavored soft bread??) and every year my dad makes me an out-of-the bird stuffing for his vegetarian daughter. :) This is a vegetarian-friendly Thanksgiving side and with my healthy makeover (more nutritional value rather than just bread, chicken stock, celery and butter), this is a great recipe that you can eat any time of the year. Apple and Onion stuffing muffins 1/2 tbsp olive oil 4 long celery ribs (chopped) 1 medium yellow onion (chopped) 2 large Mcintosh apples (chopped) 2 tbsp. chopped fresh parsley leaves 1 tbsp. basil leaf seasoning 4 cups cubed stuffing mix (I used Italian stuffing) 1 cup vegetarian stock (look for the lowest sodium option) Pepper 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. 2. On a large skillet, on medium high heat, add olive oil. 3. Add veggies to skillet after chopping (I recommend chopping all veggies but apples before heating your dish and then heat the skill