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Happy 15th Birthday Campy

  Dear Campy,  You have surpassed the life expectancy of the average dog and today we celebrate your 15 years of life.  I still remember the day we came across your picture on Your long-legs, floppy ears and innocent golden face stole our heart and we knew we needed you in our life. You were only a year old and we were in no position to "own" a dog. I was in school becoming a RD, your dad was the general manager of the Trek Store, we were a few weeks away from getting married and we were living on a very tight budget. We had recently moved to Jacksonville, Florida - living in a small apartment on the 3rd floor. But little did I know how much I needed you in my life.  Since the day I brought you home, you have slept in our bed. You love to burry yourself under the covers and always make sure part of you is always touching me. You get excited for every new day, despite the routine being exactly the same as the day before. All you know is life with cats.  The best

2022 Xterra World Championship - travel and race week

On Monday morning, we went for a swim at the aquatic center and then packed up the car to head to Atlanta, Georgia. This trip to Europe felt a lot less stressful than our last trip as it was only a week and logistically, a lot easier than our month-long trip in August. We made the ~2.5 hour drive to the Atlanta airport and parked in the Park n’ Fly lot. I reserved a parking pass for the lot for only $88 for the week, which was very affordable compared to the other parking options. Logistically it's a bit more complicated as we have to take a shuttle from the parking lot to domestic and then to the international terminal. But instead of using the parking lot shuttle for our luggage and bikes, we parked at the hourly parking, checked our bags and bikes in at the airport, then drove to the parking lot so that all we had to bring with us to the airport was our carry-ons. We had to then take the domestic shuttle to the international shuttle so having only our backpacks was a lot easi