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26.2 with Donna - 13.1 race report

"It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts. " - Robert H. Schuller For most of us, we will never set a world record, receive an award for acting or singing, change laws or make a discovery that will change the world. For most of us, we are just living life to the best of our ability, trying to manage life, work, environment and training. Knowing that most of us will never be "famous" for our passionate pursuits, it's an individual effort to do things that you will want to remember. Knowing that you have control over your life, are you living your life to the fulleset? When laying in bed on Saturday evening, I heard the news about Whitney Houston. As an amazingly accomplished singer, what affected me the most was her age. 48 yrs young. As I turned off the TV and thought about my upcoming race, I once again thought to myself how lucky I am to have a tomorrow. As an athlete, it goes

Asparagus, zucchini and mushroom quiche

Some people eat for health, some for weight loss, some for performance, some for religion and/or ethics, some out of convenience and price and some for body composition. Then there are those who eat for a combination of reasons. Primarily, I believe that both health and performance/fitness should be the driving forces for choosing the foods that we choose to put into our body. For if you are providing your body with a variety of nutrients to support optimal health and reduce risk for disease, it is likely that your performance will improve because metabolic processes will be supported by a good balance of vitamins and minerals. If you are energized by efficient metabolism, you will likely be able to take your training to the next level (or fitness routine) and thus, body composition changes will become evident. Ultimately, when you find that right balance between diet and exercise, your body will become an efficient machine. With so many rules as to when you can eat and how much, somet

LOVE to Brownie Thins!

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ~Buddha I have learned to love myself on a daily basis, just like I love others, by embracing a positive attitude and being grateful for what my body allows me to do. I believe it is much more difficult to debate, criticize, blame and complain when you can simply love, smile, think positive thoughts and spread joy to others. While researching for a great amount of time on my latest topic for LAVA magazine, I couldn't help but think about my power to educate others as a health and fitness professional. The simple choice as a passionate individual would be to write about topics that I know and feel comfortable discussing. But perhaps that is why so many people are confused as there is too much chatter from passionate individuals and not enough time spent on putting the pieces together. As a licensed dietitian, my service to you is to make sure that you are reading reliable, pr