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IM Austria race report - 26.2 mile run

Do you ever find yourself with a theme when it comes to training or racing? My past 7 Ironman races could easily be compared to a horse race. Many times, the bets are placed on the horse who looks “fast” or embodies readiness from his past few races in the season. Sure, we know that some horses have more experience than others but our society many times associates those who look the part as those who are most successful.  More often than not, I have found myself going into races underprepared and thus bets were not placed on me nor was I a favorite to be on the podium (or qualify for Kona). Although I have gone into many races feeling as if my training was unfavorable to a great race day performance, never have I had a pity party before a race and felt as if, woe is me, I wish I could have, would have  or should have. I accept the demands of training for a 140.6 mile event, especially as a competitive age group triathlete who is balancing life (and it’s many stresso