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Inconsistent yet strong

Inconsistent is the word I am using to describe my training. Strong is the word that I am using to describe my body. This whole move has really re-structured me and caused me to change around my training. Instead of two-a-days I am putting in double hours in the morning. Instead of biking in the afternoons I am putting in more miles in the morning a few days during the week and one of the workouts is with Karel. I am running faster than ever but I couldn't even tell you what days I run, how long and how far. I wake up, decide that I will run that morning. I found myself not being in the pool for over 2 weeks (well, two times to be correct) and now I am swimming fast. My runs are fast, my biking is fast and my swimming is fast. I guess inconsistency is working but perhaps I should think about the type of workouts that I am doing. I have no plan so when I set out for my workout I am sure that it is a quality workout. I have goals and expectations for the workout and when I return hom

What to eat?

I live with a hungry male endurance athlete. With us both putting in many weekly hours of training we go through a lot of the same foods. These are a few of our staple foods: eggs, egg beaters, skim milk, soy milk, frozen waffles, veggie and lean meat, cottage cheese, string cheese, veggies, fruit, PB, whey protein, oatmeal, lots of different types of bread, whole grain cereal and trail mix (nuts and raisins). Oh and chocolate for Karel. If I could, I would prepare every meal for Karel so that he never has to eat out. I never rely on fast food for a meal and since a very young age, my parents always had me bring my lunch to school. Everyday for high school I had a PB and jelly sandwich, pretzels, string cheese and carrots. Every single day I had the same thing. Unfortunately, the rest of my vegeterian diet didn't reflect a healthy diet. I was big on cheese, bread and very little veggies and fruit. However, after 14 years of being a vegetarian, I am finally figuring it all out. I ma

Feeling fishy

This is Karel's hobby, Smudla's TV and my way to put a smile on my face. I love our 8 fishies (+5 in the other tank). Things just haven't been the same. I've been busy..well, that is normal. But i miss my routine. I miss swimming at Palm harbor on tues and thurs, I miss my interval tues and I miss my sat morning long runs on the trail. I miss being able to go see my parents whenever I wanted (when time permitted for the 45 min drive) and I miss seeing familiar faces. Now I don't know where to swim, when to do an interval run, who I am passing on my bike (hehe, thought Karel would like me phrasing it that way) and what else to do on the weekends when I am here. This morning I went to the Brooks YMCA which is 7 miles away. I probably drive 20 miles (if that) a week now so I was hesitate of committing to a Y so far away. . I wanted to swim with the masters team at 6am so I arrived early in order to check out the facility. This was one amazing facility. I didn't ha

Ocala State Road Race

Sat morning I stayed at home to finish up my pile of school work. I 98% finished my research paper (all but the reference page and inserting tables and figures), I finished my lab report and I caught up on some emails. This was all after the morning ride with the group here in Jax. Oh, and I did laundry and cleaned (two things I am not a big fan of...luckily, I have Karel :) ). The group ride was great, I made the whole ride and I was super tired all day. A great feeling as usual. Karel got 8th in the age group state road race and he said he was saving it all for Sunday's race. We watched a movie on sat night (American Gangster w/ Denzel Washington) which was just what I needed to be able to forget about school work and other nutrition stuff and not be on the computer for a few hours. In saying all this, I absolutely love what I am doing (school and nutrition consults) and I wouldn't change any of it! Sunday morning I was planning to get up for a run but the movie on sat night