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Showing posts from September 14, 2008

What a week

As usual, another week down, another week closer to my wedding. But among the happy times of counting down and finishing up a few last details, I still try to squeeze in everything I do which makes my life very eventful. For 1 whole week Karel and I were without AC. Actually, our AC worked but it was stuck on 86-degrees. I didn't mind it at first but the evening was just awful. And since I am spending a lot of time at my computer I was super hot in my hot apartment. We first bought a fan so we could get through the night without waking up all sweaty but then when maintenance came last mon morning we were so happy that he said he fixed it. After I came home from school on that Monday afternoon I realized it was not fixed and something was really wrong. We gave it a week because we were told it needed some time to cool off our 3rd floor apartment but I think 7 days was a bit too long. On Mon, Karel explained all the AC details to the maintenance man and once again the AC was being wo

Where are my pasta lovers?

I'm not a big pasta fan. The name Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill doesn't really get me excited for pasta. I'm more of a pizza girl. When I think thin crust pizza, light on the cheese, lots of marinara sauce and loads of mouth starts watering....yummmmmm. But enough about me. For all the pasta lovers out there, I have created a healthy (yes, you heard me right) lasagna . I love cooking for Karel and I love trying new meal ideas. When I was heading to Wal-Mart for a few groceries on Friday afternoon I texted Karel if he wanted anything in particular for dinner. He will eat anything so I usually don't ask him what he wants but when I received the text "Lasanga" I started to cringe. Lasanga!!!?? I knew this meal wouldn't be for me but I do not feed Karel foods that I wouldn't eat. I would not cook for him a high fat, high calorie and big portion meal even if he could get away with eating it all. I am all about showing people that meals can be

Speaking of change...

If you think this blog is about me you are wrong. Baby steps....change for me takes time :) As for my other half (wedding countdown 41 days!), Karel has added a new addition to our cycling family by taking up a new sport. As if these bikes weren't enough for him.... He now has a mountain bike (no pic yet..the bike seems to stay at the Trek Store). Karel is now a mountain biker here in Florida. According to my dad Karel is a little clueless if he thinks he can ride on mountains here in Florida but I think karel is proving my dad wrong. Karel got his mountain bike about 2 weeks ago and has fallen in love with it. His first moment of love at first sight (or ride) was at the Trek Conference in WI. Ever since the text message "I have to get a mountain bike" I think Karel was feeling the effects of his long cycling season. Karel is ready for his base training which means lots of hours on the bike in the winter. He still wants to race but the motivation to train anaerobically/ha