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Stop being so busy

If something is important to you, you'll make time for it. You'll find a way, not an excuse and you'll make progress because something is better than nothing.  You are an expert at being busy!  So, if you are passionate about something or it makes you feel good, is feeling busy all the time, really the way that you want to live your life? Athletes are fantastic at staying busy. We know how to put a lot on our daily to-do list but it seems like sometimes we can never get everything done. Like we are always playing catch-up but we can't stop being so busy.  One of the hardest situations for an athlete to be in is to feel like you are always behind - behind on workouts, behind in life, behind on healthy eating, behind at work, behind on family obligations, behind on chores. It's very hard to make time for everything that is important to you and because of that, it would be to your benefit to stop being so busy.  For many people, it can feel normal

Necessary traits for athletes

Type A and type B - two contrasting personality types.  If you consider yourself a type-A personality, you may find yourself very organized, self-critical, time urgent and a non-procrastinator.  The idea of having a plan is something you excel at.... and you probably already have an excel spreadsheet helping you plan your plans! Although you may feel like you fit into one category (the category that describes you the best), human behavior is complex and there's not need to categorize yourself when it comes to a personality type. As athletes and goal-oriented individuals, there are traits that we need to carry in life in order to get things done. But we also want to do things well so that means not putting too much on our plate at once. Lastly, in order to get things done in a timely manner AND do them well, we need to be good planners. But as much as I love having a plan and believe that all athletes need to be great planners when it comes to the diet, training

Trimarni training plans - new and updated!!!!

At Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition , we realize that no two athletes are alike. We (as athletes) all have different health and fitness goals, we live different lifestyles (with different stressors, obligations and time constraints) and we all come from different athletic backgrounds. When it comes to coaching an athlete, there is nothing like a personalized training plan with specific workouts and zones to support your individual athlete development. Even better is a training plan that caters to your every day life so that you never feel guilty about the 3 M's - missing workouts, modifying workouts and making-up workouts. An experienced coach understands that preparing an athlete for a race is more than just being a great workout writer. Depending on a coaches background or specialty area, coaches are often required to be experts in many areas or they bring in the other experts in for a "team" approach to coaching - sport RD, exercise physiologist, sport psycholog

#NEDAwareness - athletes, evalute your relationship with food

Before a race, after a workout, at work, around your training buddies, in the bathroom, with your family/kids, when trying on clothes..... How often do you criticize your body? Before a race, after a workout, at work, around your training buddies, in the bathroom, with your family/kids, when trying on clothes..... How often do you feel guilty or hate what/how you are eating?  There are millions of people affected with an eating disorder at sometime in their lifetime however, eating disorders are often termed a silent epidemic. Some individuals never get the help they truly and live decades feeling overwhelmed or anxious around food or feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Others choose to remain quite in treatment and eventually gain the strength, tools and support they need to recover and to live a quality filled life with a healthy body and mind.  It's no surprise that in a body and food obsessed society, it's not very easy to maintain healthy relat

#NEDAwareness Week - start your recovery now

I had no idea that my passion became a problem I had no idea that bullying can trigger disordered eating I had no idea that my quest for health was making me sick I had no idea that eating disorders don't discriminate I had no idea that eating disorders are often overlooked or misdiagnosed I had no idea that eating disorders are not just "a phrase" I had no idea that the "perfect" images I see everyday are just digital illusions With so many "love your body" campaigns/messages and "healthy eating" websites, articles, experts, etc, you would think that a large percentage of men and women in the U.S. would have a positive perception of their body, know how to eat for health and for fuel and understand that leanness/thinness does not create happiness, success or improvements in self-worth.  With so many resources  for those suffering with eating disorders and their loved ones, you'd think more people would be getting the h