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Gate River Run race report

This was my first time running the Gate river run in Jacksonville. It's been a long time since I've done a race with more than 2000 people so that record number of runners (12,901 to be exact) was very overwhelming. I made sure I got to the stadium very early to avoid sitting in traffic and not getting a good parking spot. I ate my oatmeal on the way to the race site and sipped 20 ounces of water and aminos from 6:30-8am. However, I left 2 hours early for my 20 mile drive and I still sat in traffic. However, I had plenty of time to hit the port-o-potties (without a wait!) and sit in my car for an hour. I didn't see anyone I knew before the race but I did see a lot of people! There were so many people, I couldn't believe it! Unfortunatly, I didn't get a seeded number because I didn't register in time. I just registered 5 days ago so I wasn't one of the first 2000 people who registered and submitted a 1hr and 30 min (or faster) time to be in the front section

Resolutions and rewards

Did you make a nutrition-related resolution approximately 3 months ago? I think we all have habits that can be changed. Perhaps, your habits are keeping you from your ideal weight. About 3 weeks ago, karel and I noticed that we were eating ice cream yogurt almost every evening. Granted, we were only eating about 1/4th cup w/ fruit, it was a bad habit that we needed to break. There was no reason to eat the ice cream yogurt at 110 calories per 1/2 cup, but it was a bad habit that did not contribute to an improvement in our training. Even if the ice cream had no affect on our total calories for the day, it is not healthy to have a habit of eating ice cream after dinner...even if it is just a little bit. Now, we only eat ice cream on Sat and/or Sun. After our hard training. The best part is that it can be any type of ice cream. Maybe we want butter pecan (my favorite) or mint chocolate chip...We use small bowls (like coffee cups) and we still eat fruit with our ice cream but it is more rew


I'm tired. This early morning stuff is hard when it is dark outside. This morning at 4:35 I wasn't quite sure why I was getting up. Then I remembered that I am a triathlete who wants to train while others are sleeping. Maybe I should have stayed in bed because I had tired arms, tired legs and tired eyes this morning. I felt recovered on Sunday evening after a busy and tiring weekend. Monday I slept in until 7:30 which felt great. I headed to the pool and swam an easy 1650 and then went straight home to sit at the computer for the rest of the day. Campy and I have enjoyed the day light in the evening. We are running 1 mile together in the evening as often as we can. OK-Campy would run it every day but I am just pooped in the evening. However, it is nothing fast and I don't call it "training" so it really is fun to get outside before dinner. On mon. we ran to Karel's work (1.3 miles) at 6:30pm so that he could drive us home when he got off work at 7pm. Tues morn

Albany Race Weekend

Here's a pic to sum up the weekend We got into Albany around 8pm on Friday. It was an easy 3:15 drive and we went right to the Hilton to pick up my race packet for the half marathon. We checked into the Days Inn which was .5 miles down the road and we were asleep by 10pm. I didn't sleep that well but I was able to sleep in until 5:45. I made coffee and had a small bowl of oatmeal w/ a little bit of banana and some raisins. I was out the door at 6:40 to walk/jog to the race start. The weather was cool, around 50 degrees but the fog was unbelievable. You couldn't even see infront of you. I wasn't sure what to expect from my body this morning. I knew the course had a few ups and downs but nothing too difficult. However, my body was tired from a full week of training without any type of rest day. My 45 mile ride on thursday was a good-warm-up for me but my swim on Fri. was all about sprinting. Before the swim on Friday I did a 3 mile warm-up for the race w/ a few 90 sec. ra