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Happy pancake day!

Happy Pancake day! Here are two of my pancake creation recipes that I think you will enjoy:
blueberry pancakes Sweet potato pancakes On Monday morning I was super excited to head to Winn Dixie to meet Melanie to do a segment on healthy grocery shopping. We had a lot of fun navigating through the aisles with our camera-man. The segment will be on tomorrow along with me (live) showing my homemade raw energy bar recipe and how to be a more healthful shopper. Stay tuned on my Facebook page for the link when it is on the web and I will share on my blog also.

I had so much fun this morning! I spoke with a large group of 8th graders who were at Baptist Medical Center Beaches for "career" day. Our hospital had a lot of cool gadgets and robots for the kids to try-out and I was asked to talk to the kids about careers as a dietitian. I was really excited to share with them my journey in becoming a RD (as it was a looooong one) and all the cool jobs (careers) you can have with the RD c…

Beet smoothie

It was a chilly weekend here in Florida - Saturday and Sunday I woke up to low 40's but I didn't let that stop me from enjoying the beautiful "winter" weather here in Jacksonville. Not a cloud in the sky but like usual, the wind was blowing.

The workouts went well but I am exhausted. The good kind of exhausting - enough to make my eyes heavy for a great night of sleep but not too much that I can't do it all over again the next day. The perfect amount of training stress in order to adapt. 
Saturday - 3:06 ride + 36 min run
Group ride in Nocatee followed by 4 x 8 min Z4 w/ 2 min EZ (solo)
4.5 miles off the bike - comfortable perceived exertion pace.

Sunday - 2:15 ride + 6.2 mile run  (1 loop in nocatee)
Ride was solo - after warm-up, main set 3x's:
5 x 1 min on/1 min off
5 min Z3 w/ 65-70 cadence (heavy gear)
5 min EZ spin. Then repeat.
What a leg burner!

1 loop descending run - 3 miles comfortable (perceived exertion - holding around 8-8:10 min/mile pace), then 3 miles…