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My go-to meal

I think everyone has at least one go-to meal. When the day is busy, you are stressed, it is cold out, you just trained hard or you are about to watch a movie, here is always something that you can rely on to keep your tummy happy and it is also quick and easy to prepare. And no, cereal doesn't count. The meal should take at least 5 minutes to make :) I love cooked veggies. Not the kind that are loaded in oil and/or butter from a restaurant but veggies that are cooked by me in my house. I have a few staple veggies in my diet and in no particular order; mushrooms (I only like them cooked), onions, corn, peppers, chickpeas, romaine lettuce and tomatoes. I enjoy almost all veggies, but those veggies are always in my refrigerator. *Tip: cook veggies in a little bit of olive rather than always using just spray pam. The fat from the olive oil will help absorb the water-soluble vitamins in the veggies (fat soluble vitamins include A,D,E and K. All other vitamins are water-soluble) to give


This will be my new tag line for the healthy meals that I make... THAT CAN'T BE HEALTHY????? For Karel's b-day I decided to make him something besides a cake. This came out so good and you won't believe it until you taste it. I'm sure I could play with the recipe a bit and mix in some more goodies or hide some more nutrients in there.... but this one will really make your tummy happy. This is another great desert to make with your kids and because it is a lot healthier than a boxed brownie mix or homemade brownies, this would also be a great treat to bring to parties, functions or events when you are always worried that there are going to be too many unhealthy foods for you to stick to your healthy eating habits. My advice: when going to events where there is a good chance there will be unhealthy foods, be sure to bring something healthy. This will be your go-to-dish to make the bulk of your plate. Then you can eat a little of everything so that you can stay within your

Happy Birthday Karel!!!!

According to Karel, he is an old man. Turning 32 is hardly old and I know he doesn't feel 32. Plus, with a 26 year old fiance I hope I have kept him young. If anything, I know I have kept him healthy and kept his tummy happy :) If you know Karel, it is easy to see why I have been so happy for the past 2 years and 4 months. And if you haven't met Karel, it is easy for me to talk about all his great qualities. If I have to think of a bad quality I would ponder for days just to even make-up one bad quality. Karel has been a blessing in my life since the day we met. Although I was not ready for a relationship at that time in my life, there was something about Karel that I knew I couldn't get enough of. The more I told myself I wasn't ready for a serious relationship, the more I found myself falling in love with Karel. Karel is one of the most helpful, thoughtful, caring, generous, funny, encouraging and supportive people I have ever met in my life. Lucky for me, I get to sp

Do they really know you???

Or do they just know the way you are??? On Friday morning, Karel and I headed to New Port Richey to stay with my parents. I was so excited to be back home and spend some time with them. We brought Smudla and although she hated the trip down there (MEOOOOWWWWW's the WHOLE 3 1/2 hour drive!) she is just loving the screened in pool/patio and being able to roam around the house. So long as she doesn't accidentally bump into my parents two cats. Karel had two races this weekend. Yesterday was in Pinellas Park and today is in San Antonio. Yesterday was an exciting day for me because I had my bridal shower! Getting married is so much fun! I enjoyed being around my friends, mom and bridesmaids and it was just a nice afternoon of yummy food and LOTS of gifts :) When thinking about my bridal shower and leaving it up to my maid of honor, mom and a few other girls, I tried really hard not to step in. Of course, my personality wants to do everything, even plan my own bridal shower, but I wa