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Give it your all!

I have been doing a lot of it lately. Pushing hard and making every workout count. I leave nothing behind during a training session and even when I am coaching (which I have been doing A LOT of) I make sure I am giving my undivided attention to my athletes. I can tell by the way I feel that I am pushing hard. I walk a little slower during the day but I'm still seeing improvements. I guess this is all part of the process of turing Pro. Sometimes I doubt myself and my abilities to race amongst the best distance triathletes but if it isn't this season then hopefully in the future. I am not giving up and at 24 years old I know I have many many more years in this sport! My toughest swim workout of the year was on thurs. 10 x 200 on 3:15 cycle. I was getting enough rest to properly desc. 1-5, 6-10 but I was told by Matt that I had to swim 2:30 on #5 and #10. So, I pushed my body to its limits while telling Matt "hey, I'm not swiming in college anymore" Of course I swam

Pics from the Race

Picked out a couple of my favorites!

New week...time to step it up!

After a great 55 mile recovery ride on monday (yes-it was ALL recovery) I'm ready to step up the training. I put together a 4-week training program to get me ready for St.Anthony's. Becaues I am self-coached, I have the fun of putting together my own programs, but I use specific run/bike workouts to work on my speed and intervals. Swimming is left up to Matt and based on this morning..he is enjoying working on speed and lots of it. After the swim this morning (3000 yrd) I did one of my hardest interval sets on the treadmill. After 1 1/2 mile warm up including 4 x 200 pick-ups, my main set was 3 x 1-mile at 10K pace. I ran 8.6 mph (6:58 min/mile), keeping my heart rate at around 156 and I felt really strong. Because I live by my heart rate monitor for my training, I could tell that the lactate was building around the last 2-3 minutes. That can only mean... keep up the intervals! I really miss my long 2-3 hour runs. No speed, just nice and easy in my zone. That is my style of run

Subaru Women's Triathlon Race re-cap

Woke up around 5:40am. For the sake of daylight savings and a dark march morning, today was sleeping-in for a race day wake up call! The transition bag was packed (sprint races are so easy to pack for!) and the coffee was brewing. I warmed up my normal race-day morning (and training) breakfast of 1/2 banana, a few raisins and half a cup of oatmeal. Once the coffee and oatmeal was in me, I was ready to head out the door. Normal race day music is rock and alternative. The drive took me about 45 minutes so I had plenty of time to sing in the car and fill myself with excitement all the way to ft. desoto . Although I kinda new where I was going, triathlon races are easy to find. Just follow the bike racks and USAT stickers! IT works every time ! Coincidentally I ran into Sarah (the girl I coach) and we chatted in the bathrooms before we headed to transition. Because I was a little late arriving to transition, the racks were packed and I was a little overwhelmed with all the bikes. In the

Let the Season Begin!

It's over. There is always a first race of the season and it is already over. I can't tell you how much I love triathlons. Everything about them, from the expo, to driving to the race, racing the event and then everything that comes with a triathlon finish. I would like to give a big congrats to all those who finished the race for the first time. Congrats-for you are now a triathlete and not a triathlon-virgin! Some special congrats go to Sarah who did just awesome today at Subaru! I have been working with sarah on her cycling for the past couple of weeks and she pulled off a great race today! See ya on tues Sarah, get ready to work hard on the bike!!! hehe. Also, Chrishelle, Tracy and Celia - great job! And it was wonderful seeing Blair LaHaye...can't get enough of her! I also want to tell Karel how proud I am of his 9th place finish (9th or 10th-we aren't really sure yet) at the Spin City Crit in Orlando. He has been fighting bad respiratory junk and he rested with hi