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Mashed cauliflower and green pea lentils

Last night, my mom, Karel and I yummed over this meal not only during the meal, but after. It hit the spot.  For a meal that tasted so yummy and looked so colorful, there was not a lot of work needed for this meal.  Green pea lentils - cook according to package and season with herbs/spices of your liking or just a pinch of salt and pepper Mashed cauliflower - steam cut/cleaned cauliflower in large pot until soft. Drain water and mash with fork or potato masher. Season with caraway seeds, a pinch of salt and pepper and garlic to your liking. Avocado and pear salad - Romaine lettuce (chopped), chopped pear, diced avocado, sunflower seeds and artichokes Hard boiled egg or other protein As we enter the holiday season and new year, new habits may be born but more so, old habits will be hard to break. It's likely that you have found yourself at a dietary breaking point once or twice in the year in terms of "enough is enough, this has got to end." So what is i

Don't let your body image ruin your race

Race week is an exciting time. It's a time to reflect on the hard work that allowed you to be physically prepared for race day. Race week is also a time to bottle up energy to use for race day. We always tell our athletes to save their  best performance for race day and race week is no exception. Patience is a virtue. Race week is extremely special because it signifies the end of a journey. There was once a time when you couldn't do the things that you can do now and that's because you had a timeline when you started training and you worked hard to get to where you are now. The deadline has come and you are ready.  You are ready to perform with your healthy, fit and amazing body.  There are many negative thoughts that can fill an athlete's head during training and race week magnifies those thoughts to the extreme. Every thought becomes bigger, scarier and more nerve-wracking. Some athletes do a great job of managing those thoughts whereas other athletes tend

Love on two wheels in Asheville, NC

Yesterday was our very first trip to Asheville, NC. A 85 minute drive from our home in Greenville, SC and it was one beautiful drive!! The fall colors were amazing and the mountains kept growing as we neared Asheville. We are absolutely in-love with Greenville and feel it is the perfect place for us to live and train but Asheville was a super nice treat. We were invited to join a group ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Karel and I were joined by Maggie Rusch, Kelly and Megan Fillnow and a few others. It was lovely to be around such positive energy.  I love nature, riding with fun people, being with Karel on two wheels, climbing mountains, descending and enjoying Mother Earth's beautiful gifts. It was a fantastic 2 hour ride as we also climbed/descended Mt Mitchell. 4100 feet of climbing and lots to love on two wheels.  Here are a few pics for you to enjoy. I wish we could have taken more (Karel was taking lots of pics) but it was a little chilly and super windy and I