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Body, show me what you can do!

If you want to feel inspired, motivated to work out and amazed by the human body, I recommend to watch Kacy Catanzaro do the incredible as she becomes the first women to make the finals in American Ninja Warrior.  I am extremely passionate about helping athletes learn how to develop a healthy relationship with food and the body through my business but I am also no stranger to expressing my thoughts with  the athlete's body,  and concerns with  body image  and ultimately giving guidance to athletes on how to  build a better body image . So when something so amazing, related to the human body in motion, goes viral in the mainstream media, I love the opportunity to share my thoughts on a very important topic.  Body Image How do you see your body at rest and how to do you see your body in motion? As an athlete or fitness enthusiast, we must not forget that you are not an exerciser. You have goals for your body and ultimately, you have a training plan that allows

Semi-homemade - Veggie pizza on TJ's Garlic Herb Dough and soup

 Soup and Pizza. YUM! I just love pizza - the combination of sauce and cheese on warm bread, topped with a salad makes my taste buds and tummy, incredibly happy.  What I love even more than just eating pizza is making it. Don't get me wrong, I just LOVE trying local brick oven pizza and it something that's on my Ironman race week to-do list for I just love pizza two nights before my race. It's a great comfort food that makes me yum and smile.  Karel and I made a shop at Trader Joe's here in Greenville SC a few days ago and we came across a variety of pizza dough's. There was no hesitation to throw the garlic and herb dough into our cart for we never have specific days when we are allowed certain foods. Wednesday (yesterday) just happened to be a great day to enjoy semi-homemade pizza after our evening interval hilly ride (eventually I will omit the word hilly when I talk about our rides because no ride that we do is without a few thousand feet of

Garden love

I feel very fortunate that my body has no food intolerances or allergies. Same for Karel. We both love trying new foods as well as enjoying a varied diet to help fuel our active lifestyle and nourish our body. We emphasize real food as much as possible but by no means are we strict with our diet or do we have an off food limit list when it comes to our occasional indulgences or treats.  Alongside several years of working as a clinical RD, I have worked with many athletes and fitness enthusiasts on nutrition and sport nutrition for there are many people who are not so lucky for they have to restrict a variety of foods for clinical and health reasons.  I believe that my love for real food has kept my body in good health over the past 1/2 of a decade. Without a sickness, cold or flu since the early summer of 2007, my immune system has stayed incredibly strong thanks to a wide variety of vitamins and minerals in my diet and an incredibly healthy relationship with food. I l

Ironman Austria - Post Race recap

Karel waited almost an hour for me to cross the Ironman Austria finish line. But not to worry because the Ironman Austria post race buffet was filled with many European eats and treats.  Karel didn't rush right to the food but when he was ready, he enjoy goulash with bread, meats, beer, croissants, watermelon and pizza.  He said the goulash was good but the pizza and beer was not. This was Karel's first beer since we arrived to Europe so it was a total disappointment for him.  I managed to find some strength in my legs to chat with my friend  Kelly Fillnow  who had a fantastic race in the professional women division. It's always fun to see familiar faces during a race and the chat after the race (when the suffering has stopped). I was quite surprised that I had absolutely no GI issues post race. Typically, once the heart rate drops and the blood returns to the gut from the muscles, I am typically spending a little time in the restroom lettin