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Looking back on 2016

2016 was an eventful year for us. It was hard to select our top moments so here are a few of our favorites memories each month (with links to the blog post) from last year. JANUARY Our first real s now day  ! FEBRUARY Our n ew kit design MARCH Private training camp Our new w ater bottles Clermont camp APRIL Vegetarian article  in Triathlete magazine   Toughman half  triathlon- Karel's first overall half IM win MAY How do I fuel article  - my longest ever article Our new  BOCO hats and visors Lake James 50  triathlon - our first double triathlon win Rev3 Knoxville and Mountains to Mainstreet half ironman My 34th birthday (and the 2 year anniversary of my dad's passing) JUNE European race-cation  (Ironman Austria and visiting Karel's family in Czech) JULY Greenville endurance camp AUGUST   Lake Logan half ironman PPF Greenville camp IM Mont Tremblant 2017 Key races Olympics/Paralympics SEPTEMBER 2017 Trima

New Year = New Trimarni services!

Happy Birthday to us! Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition is turning five. And to celebrate, we have 7 (yes seven!!) NEW nutrition services to offer athletes!!!  I can't believe that our business has been up and running for the past five years. It's crazy to think where we were when we started on January 1st, 2012 and where we are today. Stay tuned because on Monday January 2nd, 2017, we will be revealing our new nutrition services, the 2017 Trimarni sponsors and affiliates and an updated media page full of educational content on the Trimarni website . Also, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter as mid January will start the new Trimarni Newsletter with tips and healthy fitness-focused recipes to help athletes create healthy habits to achieve athletic excellence.  ------------------------------------------------- So how did I get to where I am today? It sure didn't happen overnight! Here's a snapshot of the past 17 years of my life.  2000-2004 Undergrad

Get back on track with healthy eating

What does "healthy food" mean to you?  To me, healthy food is included in a varied, nutrient dense diet which keeps my body functioning well.  But in a world where unhealthy food is so available, it can be difficult to define and follow through with healthy eating.  Busy schedules, misinformation, poor planning and low motivation can make healthy eating extremely challenging.  Here are a few tips on how you can get back on track with healthy eating.   -Stop the dieting and food rules. Restriction and deprivation doesn't work as it's not a sustainable style of eating.  -Plan and prep ahead. When you are prepared, you make better food choices. Plus, by learning how to be a great meal/snack planner, you will create long-lasting "go-to" strategies for maintaining healthy eating habits even during your most busy, stressful and exhausting times in life.  -Don't make your meals too complicated. Keep healthy eating simple and

Trimarni athlete spotlight: Albert Cardona - A year of self-discovery and PR's!

This is a new weekly feature on the Trimarni blog where we will be shining the spotlight on one of our Trimarni athletes (coaching or nutrition) every week. We hope that you will feel inspired by the spotlight athlete as you learn a few tips and tricks to help you reach your personal athletic and nutrition goals. Our athletes are normal individuals choosing to do exceptional things with a healthy body. N ame :  Albert Cardona Age: 37 City/State:  Morristown, NJ Primary sport :  Triathlon How many years in the sport:  8 years What Trimarni services have you used:  Nutrition   - 2 x sport nutrition consults while training for Ironman Kentucky ----------------------------------------------------------------- Describe your athletic background and how you discovered your current sport? As a kid I played just about every sport from wrestling to golf and everything in-between. My primary sports were alw

How to make training work in your busy life

Being an athlete is tough, especially if you are an adult athlete. As an adult athlete, it can feel very overwhelming to try to dedicate enough time to every important component of your life.  While it’s important to identify yourself as an athlete while training for your upcoming events, your primary role in life is much more than just being an athlete. Being an athlete is a choice and your training is a hobby. As you train your body for your upcoming athletic event, it is important that you do not neglect your parent, spouse, family or job responsibilities just to be an athlete. In life, human beings have to make a lot of lifestyle choices. These choices help people function better in life with improved energy, mood, productivity and health. As an athlete, these choices are extremely important as they help you adapt to training while keeping you in good health, but they help with the flow of your extremely busy life. Life as an athlete is tough. It’s busy, it’s rushed

Are you ready to change your lifestyle habits? Start TODAY!

Do you feel like there's a lot on your to-do list but today is just not a good day to get done what you need to get done? Do you find yourself constantly waiting for the perfect moment, the right amount of energy, enough motivation or the best resources to start something and well, today just isn't that day? The truth is that there is never a perfect moment to start something. Yes, that means on January 1st, that day will be no better or worse than today, tomorrow or March 21st. The biggest obstacle that most people face when changing habits is getting started. The first step to getting something done today is to just get started. If you have found yourself slipping into some bad habits over the past few weeks or you feel like it's time for a change in your life, here are a few tips to help you get started so that you don't put off until tomorrow, what you can get started/finished today. 1. Have a plan - Write out your day before it happens so that you can plan for

Reframe your thinking over the holiday season

When was the last time you beat yourself up for “cheating” on your diet or for missing a workout? Athletes are typically very determined, passionate, focused and hard working and when put into certain life situations, athletes can be very on or off. Either choices are a success or a failed attempt. Because of this natural tendency to want to be "on" all the time, it’s understandable that many athletes feel a loss of control around the holiday season as it relates to succeeding with healthy eating and consistent exercising.  With 365 days in a year, there’s no reason to be extreme with your dietary and exercise habits around the holiday season. But at the same time, you can maintain great health and wellness over the holidays with a little shift in your thinking. All you need is a little reframing to help shift your mind out of negative thinking.  According to Molly Kellogg, RD, LCSW, and author of Counseling Tips for Nutrition Therapists, “Reframing a problem involves p

Healthy Weight vs. Race Weight? A must read for performing at your best.

Source Athletes are constantly being told to lose weight. Whether it's directly from a coach or from the messages and images viewed on social media and in articles and on TV, we live in a body obsessed society. With so many different body types and so many different styles of eating (aka "diets"), driven by misconceptions about food, body dissatisfaction and misguided strategies for eating "right", it doesn't surprise me when I see the health and performance of competitive, body conscious, goal oriented and driven athletes, deteriorate. Most athletes have no idea how much energy is needed by the body to perform at a high level. Most athletes do not feel they deserve to eat "that much food". Now more than ever, most athletes are very obsessed with how much they weigh. Due to so many false statements relating to body weight and performance, athletes are constantly trying to be thinner, leaner and lighter, while trying to get faster and to go

Trimarni athlete spotlight: Tracy Kuhn: Mom of 3 conquers a marathon!

We are excited to announce a new feature on the Trimarni blog where we will be shining the spotlight on one of our Trimarni athletes (coaching or nutrition) every week. We hope that you will feel inspired by the spotlight athlete as you learn a few tips and tricks to help you reach your personal athletic and nutrition goals. Our athletes are normal individuals choosing to do exceptional things with a healthy body. N ame: Tracy Kuhn Age:  37 City/State:  Lexington, SC Primary sport:  Running How many years in the sport:  Off and on for the past 7 years, steady for the last two.  What Trimarni services have you used:  Nutrition  - 2 x preparation nutrition services and 1 x race week/day nutrition planning service Training plan adjustment (Tracy used a run training plan from the Internet and purchased a consulting service for Marni to adjust workouts for more specificity and individualized training) -------------