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Banana walnut muffins & The Best Mango walnut and feta salad

I have been doing some brainstorming about my community nutrition project. I question why people don't eat more/enough/any fruits and veggies on a daily basis. I hear all the time from people who are on diets, such as weight watchers, paleo, gluten-free, Mediterranean Diet, Best Life diet, Eat this/Not that diet and the Zone diet (want more examples, they are all listed on this page ) and how they feel much better on the diet and ask my thoughts of whether or not I support the diet. Primarily, I hear a lot about gluten-free, paleo, mediterranean and the zone diet from athletes. I believe in a balanced diet and taking time to understand your personal individual dietary requirements which support your lifestyle and your exercise routine. Although there are pro's in several of these diets, I do not believe that a person should feel restricted in an effort to live a long and healthy life. The benefit of several diets is that you becom

Week 1

What an exciting and wonderful week. My eyes are sleepy and my brain is overloaded but I am soaking it all in. On wed. I spent 9 hours at University of North Florida. First on our agenda was the UNF health fair (outside) by the bookstore/cafeteria. We were promoting eating healthy in the dorm-room and the highlight of our booth/table was the yummy food. Because Ramen noodles are a staple on college campus's, I showed people how to "dress-up" ramen and pack in a little more nutrition (and take out the sodium from the seasoning packet). For our booth I prepared an egg omelet w/ canned beans and rice and canned spicy tomatoes and green peppers. I made the omelet with greek yogurt (which I highly recommend for a fluffy omelet/eggs) and then when my "meal" was ready I served it on small plates. I prepared the ramen with a little of the seasoning (a pinch) in hot water and then added a cooked scrambled egg and a can of spicy tomatoes. I would say that our table got a

Ironman and dietetic internship

I'm not sure what is more exciting right now, my internship or how great I feel with my Ironman training. However, with 26 hours dedicated to interning and 4 hours and 40 min of training in the past 3 days, I can tell you which one is more exhausting .....IRONMAN TRAINING!! The workouts have been very challenging and with my last week of build ending on Sun, I GLADLY welcome recovery week next week. The internship is going great and I LOVE every minute. I have to admit, waking up at 4:15 over the past 4 out of 5 days has been a bit of a shock for my body. Understanding that sleep is a priority and that a change in schedule requires a big adjustment for my body, I plan to continue taking Mon off and using Thurs as an active recovery or off day. I need my sleep and anything more or less than 8 hrs just doesn't leave me feeling rested and refreshed. However, thanks to balanced and healthy eating, I sure do have a lot of energy to get me through my long days. Here's a brief ove

Intuitive Eating

Loving the internship already! First day with my preceptor and I was playing with fake food and organizing educational materials for a few events that are coming up next week. There is another girl that is volunteering with my preceptor so it is great to share this experience with a future dietetic intern. After my morning workout (2 hours on trainer w/ over/under intervals + 3.5 mile run + 1 mile Campy run) I spent 30 min. putting together snacks and meals for the day as I sipped on my recovery smoothie. My food selections included a PB&J on a sandwich thin, peanuts, grapes, carrots, yogurt and an oatmeal packet as well as this flat out wrap + egg and veggie hash that I quickly put together. It was quick and easy and made for a yummy lunch (which I ate at The Trek Store at the beach since it is just 3 miles down the road from where I am doing some of my interning hours). My hash included 2 eggs (1 white, 1 whole) made w/ 1 spoonful greek yogurt and a little balsamic, olive oil fo

Day 1: FDA conference

8 hours down, 1192 to go! I woke up super early on Mon morning (4:20am) in order to be in the car at 5am to drive 2 1/2 hours to Orlando. I spent a good 20 min. getting together snacks and meals for the day because as many people know, conferences can be a little unpredictable. Although I was attending the Florida Dietetic Association annual symposium, and anticipated a good selection of snacks, I was worried about my blood sugar and perhaps snacking on carbs all day. I made a veggie burger and egg hash for the car w/ a few wasa crackers and coffee (and water). I also brought with me a packet of oatmeal and a bowl (anticipating hot water at the Ritz Carlton), peanuts, an apple, grapes and a PB&J. The conference was amazing! I have to admit, I was a little overwhelmed when I arrived but the first talk put me to ease. The expo was amazing and I have never received so many FREE goodies in my life!!! I was super excited to show Karel all of my foods/snacks and coupons! I would like to

Ramping up

My friend Jennifer came to visit me on Fri. She was registered to race at the BFAST raec on Sat so I welcomed her in my place for the night. She didn't mind my multi-tasking so we ran a few of my errands and picked up her packet at the Trek beach store. For dinner we discussed going out to dinner but it's never easy going out to eat on the night before a race especially when you want comforting food at an affordable price. Plus, who likes to wait for food the night before a race when an early night of rest is on your mind. I decided to "make" pizza. I bought a frozen DiGiorno pizza (mushroom, spinach and garlic) and added everything. I mean EVERYTHING!! Tofu, broccoli, garlic, tomato, jalapenos, red pepper, veggie crumbles, chickpeas, onion. I also made a wonderful salad of spinach, feta, grapes, peaches and onion. Balsamic for the dressing. We watched the tour (DVR) and early to bed around 9:30. We were all up around 4:20 to get in a pre-race (and training for me) sn