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The last day

You can't wait for the day to come and then you want just one more day...or you need just one more day. If I only had one more day. Well, I have no more days and the time has come for me to put all that training to use. The bags are on the Great Lawn, the bike is sitting on the rack, my swim gear and timing chip are next to the door and I have nothing more to do than to sleep, eat and walk to the race venue with near perfect racing conditions. It was great seeing Karel yesterday. He makes me laugh so much and with my parents here with me, I have lots of smiles going into this race. Last night my family and I went to Bearno's Pizza and it was just what I needed. Good veggie pizza. Afterwards, I showed Karel the finish line at 4th street live and Karel joined me for the Athlete Meeting. The meeting was great and it was very informative and funny. There were so many athletes there, it was almost overwhelming. It was a great way to end the evening. After the meeting, Karel put tog

Feeling lucky in Kentucky

Enjoying the IM experience. I grew up in Lexington, KY and moved to Florida when I was 22 years old. It is great to be back in my home state. My mom and I ate dinner at 4th street live last night and I had a super yummy salad at a sports bar. I can't wait until I reach the finish line at 4th street live on Sun, it is going to be a HUGE party!!!! Since I picked up my packet yesterday all I had to do this morning was swim. I met up with Jen L. who I had done a nutrition consult for, about a year or so ago. I just love meeting athletes who I have helped in the past (and present). I have also met a TON of Beginner Triathlete athletes, who have been volunteering at the race. What would we do without all these fantastic volunteers???? THANK YOU!!! The swim was great. No waves, no salt water...just the lovely taste of the Ohio River. It is strange being back here because my very first Olympic triathlete (2nd triathlon ever, just a few months before I moved to FL for grad school) was in

It takes a team

Karel is packing up my bike in the bike box, my mom is calling to remind me not to forget x,y and z and I am smiling from all the facebook comments and emails from friends I have met and those who I know by a blogger account. When a triathlete signs up for an Ironman, it takes more than high volume training for 3-4 months. After signing up for a M-dot Ironman, you have a year to prepare yourself and others for the decision you made to train for a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run. Then you prepare yourself and others for your mood/attitude after a hot and long brick workout or an intense interval workout. You come home glycogen depleted some days and on other days you want to tell everyone you know about your fantastic workout. Sure, you talk in "tri" lingo and you get deer-in-headlight stares from people when you talk about power, HR, zones, hypoxic sets or pace...but because this person cares about you, he/she listens and pretends he/she understands. On the

Berry-licious and nutritious muffins

Just because it is Ironman week, I'm not gorging myself with Carbs. Sure, I'll increase my total percentage of carbohydrates by 5-10% on Thurs, Fri and Sat but in order to keep my blood sugar stable on race week (and keep repairing damaged tissues), I will continue to emphasize protein in the diet. My Ironman-week diet consist of lots of fruits and veggies to keep my immune system healthy and to provide my body with lots of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants) and good sources of carbs such as oatmeal, whole grain bread and wasa crackers (my fav with PB). So, you might be wondering why I decided to make muffins if I am gradually increasing carbs yet also emphasizing protein? Rather than using only wheat flour, I decided to bump up the protein of my typical muffin recipe by adding soy flour. Here are some facts about soy flour that I gathered from ( -Soy flour is derived from soybeans and is t

Nocatee Cycling Event

Nothing like a cycling race 15 miles from home. No traveling for the Sumbal's this weekend. We have a very busy September after we come home from KY. Karel has two cycling races and at the end of Sept we will both being doing the 6-gap, 100 mile cycling event in Dahlonega GA. I haven't even done IMKY and I'm already getting excited for our travels/adventures in Sept. Looks like a full month of road biking for both of us. The tri bike will be hung up on the wall and it will be a good 4-5 months before I think about "training" on it again. But for now...I had a great weekend of supporting my hubby at the Nocatee race which was sponsored by the Trek Store. With my last weekend of "training" I couldn't have been more excited to spend Sat. and Sun. supporting Karel's team. My 40 mile bike + 20 min run on Sat and 7.5 mile run on Sun were a breeze. The first week of taper, I had no energy and had one great swim with several tiring workouts of low volume